Marian Wallace (or Maryann Wallace) is a Tau'ri civilian and the mother of Eli Wallace.


Background information[]

Marian worked as a nurse. When Eli was 14, she was accidentally infected with HIV when she attempted to restrain a drug addict in the ER; she was pricked by a used needle and contracted the virus. Unfortunately, her husband couldn't deal with the issue and left her and Eli. She lost her medical coverage, and with Eli unemployed, had to take a second job as a waitress to deal with the expenses. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Time")


After Dr. Nicholas Rush recruited Eli into the Icarus project, he assured him that the United States Air Force would take care of his mother's expenses. While flying to Icarus Base in the George Hammond, Eli had a chance to talk to his mother, assuring her he would be fine and that the Air Force would take care of her. Not knowing of the Stargate Program's existence, she had no idea that Eli was stranded on Destiny. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

Sometime later, Eli used the Long-range communication device to visit his mother in the body of Dr. Williams. Though given the authority, he did not reveal his true identity, instead passing himself off as Eli's friend with the pseudonym "Philip Fry" (a reference to the TV show Futurama). Unable to go into details, he assured her that Eli was fine and doing important work. (SGU: "Earth")

Marian on board Destiny

After not hearing from Eli for a long time, Marian began to give up her fight against HIV, as Eli had been her reason for living. She stopped taking her medicine and developed pneumonia and her white cell count dropped enough that if she didn't get back on her medicine, her HIV would turn into full-blown AIDS. She was treated by Dr. Brightman. Eli was called back to Earth, taking over the body of Airman Tracy, to speak to her. Since her depression was the cause of her problems, they believed Eli would be best suited to lifting her spirits. Unable to get through to her, Eli tried revealing himself, but Marian would not accept his story. Even private details of their lives could not sway her. She told him that without Eli there, and with no apparent hope of ever seeing him again, she simply didn't have a reason to keep going. At the behest of Camile Wray, who was in a similar situation, Marian was allowed to visit Destiny herself through the Long-range communication device, allowing her to see Eli in his own body and see for herself the truth of his story. After being shown a view of a solar system from the Observation deck, Marian told Eli she was proud of him and embraced him before returning to Earth. No longer depressed and back on her medication, she was released. At Eli's suggestion, Sharon Walker met with her, presumably so the two would have someone they could relate to. (SGU: "Pathogen")


After coming up with a plan for the crew to enter stasis for three years, Eli switches with Airman Jefferies to say goodbye to his mother. Marian is excited to see him and he explains the situation to her and apologizes to her for not being there for her anymore. Marian is happy for Eli as he gets to see such wonders and encourages him. (SGU: "Gauntlet")


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