Manaria, also known as Manara, was a planet in the Pegasus galaxy, which has a Stargate and is home to the Manarians. Sergeant Bates was on the planet with his team to negotiate a food supply for the Atlantis expedition. (SGA: "Underground")

When a massive storm threatened Atlantis, the expedition evacuated here until it was safe to return to the City. (SGA: "The Storm")

Several Satedans moved to Manaria after abandoning Sateda. (SGA: "Trinity")

In 2009, he Wraith attacked Manaria and destroyed a city on the surface, killing several Manarian and members of the Atlantis expedition, who were on the planet to try to get access to computers that the Manarians had gotten from the Genii, as well as a recording of the Wraith Queen Death. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

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