Template:Universe-2 Malice[4] is the upcoming eighth episode in the second season of Stargate Universe, and the 28th episode overall.


Simeon makes his escape from Destiny , sending Nicholas Rush on a vengeful mission. But Young and Greer attempt to retrieve Simeon unharmed.

According to actress Julia Benson; "there are high stakes and lots of good action. There is also some great stuff between Rush and Simeon."[3]

Background notes


  • The title was revealed on the March 16, 2010 entry on Joseph Mallozzi's blog.
  • The episode will be partly filmed on location, outside the Vancouver region.[2] It was filmed on location in New Mexico, a state previously used to film on location for "Air, Part 3" in White Sands.
  • Mallozzi describes the plot as "They say that vengeance is a dish best served cold, but this episode makes a great case for serving it hot – as in the scorching environs of an alien world where a deadly game of cat and mouse plays itself out."[5]