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"Malice" is the eighth episode in the second season of Stargate Universe.


Simeon makes his escape from Destiny after killing Ginn (and in turn Dr. Amanda Perry). Dr. Nicholas Rush embarks on a vengeful mission after him. However, Colonel Everett Young and MSgt. Ronald Greer have orders to retrieve Simeon alive, as he may hold information vital to Earth's defense.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, eventually causing a mutiny between the civilians and military. After a Nakai attack, the two groups must work together to prepare themselves for the next attack, for the crew's sake. After Colonel David Telford's brainwashing is broken, he reveals that the Lucian Alliance are coming to take Destiny. After a group of Alliance soldiers led by Commander Kiva and Telford gate to Destiny, they take several sections of the ship. After Kiva is killed and Ginn returns control to Rush the surviving Alliance members are locked up. Ginn begins working with Eli Wallace to find a way to dial Earth inside a Star and the two develop a relationship. She also gives Homeworld Command info on the planned attack on Earth. Rush breaks the master code and discovers the Bridge. After the rest of the crew discovers the bridge, Rush asks Young to embrace Destiny's mission. Simeon believing Ginn has turned on the Alliance confronts her in her quarters.


On Destiny's bridge, Colonel Everett Young, Dr. Dale Volker, Dr. Adam Brody, and Dr. Lisa Park are discussing Dr. Nicholas Rush. Brody, Park, and Volker are surprised by Young's willingness to work with Rush given his frequent lies and responsibility in Sgt. Hunter Riley's death. Young says Rush will have to live with the consequences of his actions, and wants to understand his motives. Eli Wallace brings Rush in as ordered, and Rush asks if anything is wrong. Young informs him that he has confirmed Rush's story about the message in the Cosmic microwave background radiation. Brody plays a sample, which sounds like static. Rush sees the confirmation as a waste of time, though Eli points out that Rush has faked data before. Young explains that he's trying to encourage more cooperation. He tells him about how they stopped in range of three planets. Rush asks for the conditions; Volker notes that one is a wasteland while the others show promise. Rush offers to help, but Young assures him that they have everything under control, telling Rush to get some rest. Though hesitant at first, Rush agrees. On the way out, he assures Eli that nothing will happen between him and Dr. Amanda Perry, who is inhabiting the body of Ginn using the Long-range communication device. Volker offers to begin gathering Kino data on the planets. Young decides to form teams in the meantime. Volker leaves, followed by Park. Eli asks Young how long Ginn will remain on Earth, but ceases his questioning and goes back to work when Young simply stares at him in response.

Rush fires

Rush returns to Ginn's quarters to see Perry, only to find Ginn dead on the floor. He calls for help over the radio. While Lt. Tamara Johansen examines Ginn, Lt. Vanessa James uses the communication device to check on Perry. Young comes in with Eli. TJ tries to console him, but is interrupted by Lt. Matthew Scott over the radio. He has locked down all the Lucian Alliance personnel save Simeon; his guard, Michaels, is not responding to radio calls.

Simeon purposefully strolls through the corridors, shooting out a power conduit to darken the ship. He shoots two guards at the armory, one of which is Airman Dunning. He begins raiding the armory for supplies.

In Ginn's quarters, everyone notices the power failure. Eli and Rush are dejected. TJ tries to give Rush hope, since they aren't completely sure that the communication device causes both users to die if either one does. Young orders a search for Simeon and tries to radio Dunning, but is too late. James reports over the radio that Perry is dead. Rush storms out of the room, ignoring Young, and slams a wall in frustration. James adds that Ginn managed to impart information to Homeworld Command which Young will want to hear. Eli asks to be given a gun, but Young just tells him to wait in Ginn's quarters before leaving himself.

Volker and Park are in the gate room when they hear an explosion, followed by gunshots. Turning to look down the hall, they see Simeon emerge from a cloud of smoke, holding them at gunpoint. He orders Volker to seal the doors. Rush approaches, having taken a gun from one of the soldiers Simeon shot on the way in, but is locked out of the gate room before he can shoot. He radios the situation in. MSgt. Ronald Greer has also found Michael's lifeless body. Simeon orders Volker to dial the Stargate, then has him bind Park's hands. Volker tries to offer himself as a hostage in Park's place, but Simeon refuses, forcing Park to go through the gate with him. Rush emphasizes to Brody that he needs the doors unlocked, but Park and Simeon have already gone through by the time Brody succeeds. Rush asks Volker where Simeon went, so he explains what happened. Rush grabs an Ancient remote control and heads through the gate against Volker's protests. Scott's team arrives just as the gate shuts down, and he orders Volker to redial upon being informed of the situation.

On the planet, Rush finds Park tied up in front of the gate, but Simeon is already gone. She informs him that Simeon attached something to her back, which Rush discovers to be a bomb. He sighs in frustration.

The wounded are rushed to the infirmary, where TJ and several others begin to treat them. Cpl. Barnes' patient is bleeding badly, but TJ cannot stop treating her own patient. She tries to talk Barnes through the procedure, but Barnes' patient stops breathing. Unable to help, TJ just tells her to do what she can.

In the gate room, Young arrives with the other teams that were searching for Simeon. Scott informs him of the situation. Young orders that Simeon be captured alive. Greer tries to protest, so Young explains that he has vital information about the planned attack on Earth. Scott isn't confident Simeon will talk.

On the planet, Rush is working on disarming the bomb. Park confirms this with Rush, noting that they were informed of how the bombs function by Ginn. Simeon is watching them through the scope of his rifle, preparing to shoot, but reconsiders when the gate activates. Rush is quick to radio the teams on Destiny to stay put, lest their presence set off the bomb. A Kino is sent through so Volker can supervise. Volker tells Rush that he can't disarm the bomb, but can remove the proximity sensor. Rush knows this, and tells Volker to shut up. He manages to remove the cover, but lacks the tools to remove the sensor. He apologizes for being unable to help, so Park tells him to run. Rush almost gives up hope, but remembers his glasses, which were repaired with a thin piece of wire. Using it, he is able to disable the sensor and remove the device, throwing it so it can detonate safely in the distance.

Young orders the soldiers to go through, while Rush continues his pursuit of Simeon, followed by the Kino. Scott chases after him, and is shot at by Simeon. Rush takes over the Kino, using it to do an aerial survey, but Simeon shoots it out of the sky.

Young meets with Varro in his quarters to inform him of the situation. Varro immediately claims ignorance, but the real reason for Young's visit is Simeon's knowledge of the planned attack on Earth, which he believes Varro should have known about. Varro explains that Ginn and Simeon come from the same Alliance clan, and that Young should be well-aware of the secretive nature of the varied Alliance factions. If Varro had known, he'd have told them. He confirms that Ginn and Simeon are the only two from that clan aboard the ship. Varro tries to warn Young not to underestimate Simeon and offers his help, but Young doesn't want it. Varro states that it would be better if they did not try to recapture Simeon, since they'll lose more people trying to capture him, but Young won't change his mind.

On the planet, Rush comes upon another proximity mine, which he manages to avoid. Greer sees the explosion and heads for it, ordering the rest of the soldiers to stay put. Scott catches up to Rush as he recovers from the blast. Rush is quick to walk off, but Scott stops him, explaining why they need to take Simeon alive. He convinces Rush that he'd just get himself killed going it alone. He orders two additional teams of three to be formed to locate Simeon while two soldiers are left behind to guard the gate. Scott asks if Rush is going to help, but Rush just tries to walk off again. Scott stops him once more, assuring Rush that he can kill Simeon after they've interrogated him; Greer insists that he'll do it if Rush doesn't. Rush silently agrees to work with them. Scott notes that they have nine hours until the ship returns to FTL. If they haven't found Simeon in half that time, they'll turn back.

On the bridge, Brody notices that Volker is withdrawn. Volker wonders why Simeon didn't kill him, which Brody chalks up to either honor on Simeon's part or his way of torturing Volker by making him live with his failure. Eli comes in and immediately moves to the command chair, explaining that Young has ordered them to find a way to extend the jump countdown. Park comes in, also ready to work. She quickly accepts Volker's apology. She asks what they're doing, so Eli reiterates Young's order.

In the infirmary, TJ removes her blood-stained medical gloves. Young comes in for a report. She explains that Dunning, Graham, and Lougheed will probably make it, though infection is still a risk. Henderson, however, is dead. Young puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

As they search for Simeon, Scott asks Rush about the signal he discovered, wondering if he knows what it means. Rush doesn't. Scott notes that Rush seems to think it's important. Still angry, Rush laughs quietly, explaining that its very existence defies the laws of physics, and figures that Scott wants to know if it's a message from God. He merely states that they'll have to wait and see, then marches ahead. Greer expresses his unwillingness to forgive Rush for recent events, even if Young does. Scott believes that Rush may be right about the mission, but Greer notes that he has no intention of watching Rush's back anymore.

On the bridge, Brody explains to Young that they will not be able to control the clock before Destiny jumps back to FTL, but will be able to drop out of FTL four hours after that, which will keep them within Stargate range of the planet. That will be their last chance before Destiny gets too far to return. The clock is at five hours.

On the planet, Rush relays the same information to Scott and Greer. Through his binoculars, Scott spots a large, bipedal animal. Greer wonders if it can be barbecued. Rush takes the binoculars to see for himself, then keeps moving without a word. Scott and Greer follow.

In her quarters, Chloe Armstrong is working on the equations Rush gave her when she hears the ship powering up to go to FTL. She watches through the window as it jumps.

The group reaches a canyon, where Rush breaks into tears over Perry's death, which he blames himself for. Scott tries to console him, as Rush could not have predicted what would happen. Scott understands why Rush felt he needed to hide the bridge, but adds that from now on they need to trust each other. Rush is surprised by the change in attitude from simply following orders, so Scott explains that some things are more complicated than that. Rush sarcastically congratulates him, to which Scott states that they need to figure out what's right. Rush denies this logic, so Scott points out that revenge won't bring Perry back. Rush knows this, and also knows that it won't make him feel better when Scott bring it up. Looking around, Scott figures they aren't likely to find Simeon anyway, but is consoled by the fact that Simeon will die miserably in the desert. Rush points out that Simeon has a remote, and is likely waiting for the soldiers to leave so he can reunite with other the Alliance personnel they sent off the ship. Greer finds tracks made by Simeon, and is quickly shot at. They take cover, and Rush begins working on his remote. Scott orders James to flank Simeon.

On the bridge, Chloe radios Eli. Short-tempered, he curtly replies to confirm he can hear her. She tries to console him over Ginn's death, but Eli just says he can't talk. He turns to Volker, annoyed that he is navigation interface against Eli's orders. Volker tries to apologize, but Eli just walks over and closes the interface, as it's interfering with his own work. Chloe tries to call again, but Eli brushes her off, promising to come by later. Brody informs Eli that they need to drop of FTL. Eli tells him to just do it, and Brody adds that he was just warning him beforehand. They drop out, and the clock is set to eight hours. Brody radios Young to inform him of this, reiterating that it's their last chance. Park tries to console Eli, but he asks to be left alone.

As James' team closes in on Simeon, Scott takes notice of Rush working on his remote. Rush suddenly stands up, exposing himself to fire, only for nothing to happen. He orders Rush to have James move back. Scott relays the message, but they get it too late. James has a head wound, while Torres is unconscious and Weber's arm is broken. Scott orders Lee to take the team back to the Stargate. Greer is suspicious of Rush's sudden foresight, which Rush dismisses as a hunch. James doesn't want to leave Scott without backup, but Scott turns to Rush, knowing it was more than gut instinct that informed him of the trap. Rush claims to have been checking the time, but Scott easily sees through the lie. Rush admits that he's reprogrammed the remote to track the one Simeon is carrying. He believes he knows Simeon's current position. Scott informs James of the development and sends her back, intending to continue looking for the next hour.

On the ship, Eli is getting dressed to join the hunt for Simeon, regardless of Young's orders. He is unable to adjust the countdown in the time they have left. Young wonders what Eli plans to do, and though Eli isn't sure himself, he still believes he can do something. Young points out that the soldiers are trained professionals, yet Simeon has already injured two more of them. Eli rants about how complicated adjusting the clock is, since Rush couldn't do it in the months he had control of the bridge. Young wants Eli to keep working, but Eli points out that there could be unforeseen consequences to adjusting the clock assuming he could do so in the time they have, such as burning out their remaining power, and asks if Young is ordering him to do it. Young states that his consideration is for the lives they could save on Earth by capturing Simeon, though Eli doesn't believe he'll talk. Eli intends to take one of the guns. Young knows that Eli is angry, but tells Eli that he doesn't have it in him to kill someone, and that doing so will change him for good. He states that Eli isn't the only one to have lost people on the ship. Convinced, Eli calms down, so Young sends him back to the bridge.

On the planet, Scott's team manages to catch up with Simeon. Since he's out in the open, Greer is able to shoot him. Greer hits him in the leg. Rush urges Greer to fire again, but Greer's next shot goes wide. Rush complains that Greer should have been able to stop him, then pushes Greer in anger. Scott is quick to break up the fight before it starts, insisting that Greer did the right thing. Rush doesn't see the point, since they still haven't caught up. Scott states that Simeon is already wounded, and that they need him alive. Rush doesn't believe Simeon will talk, and they're running out of time to catch him in any case. The argument is enough of a distraction for Simeon to shoot Greer in the shoulder. This in turn provides a distraction for Rush, allowing him to move on ahead unimpeded. Greer's wound is bad, so Scott has to take him back to the gate. Over the radio, Scott urges Rush to turn back before they run out of time, since they need him on the ship. His pleas fall on deaf ears.

On Destiny, Young brings Chloe to the bridge, as she believes she can help. Eli is skeptical. Chloe believes she's beginning to gain control over the alien influence which has increased her intelligence, though Brody points out it could easily be the other way around. Eli and the others are reluctant to let her help, as she could sabotage the ship or summon the Nakai without meaning to. Young believes that they can help prevent any damage Chloe might do, and leaves them to work. Eli reluctantly leads Chloe to a console.

Using a butane lighter and his combat knife, Simeon cauterizes his gunshot wound. Over the radio, Simeon calls Rush. He knows Rush wouldn't be doing this for Ginn, and thus is doing it for Perry. Simeon relates how Earth soldiers have killed numerous he cares about, which is why he understands Rush's need for revenge. This is why he left Rush alive, so the pain of loss would eat at him. However, he promises to kill Rush the next time they meet, and eggs Rush into trying to take his revenge so he can do so.

On the bridge, Chloe is staring at her console. Eli is working nearby on a laptop. Park is in the chair, while Brody and Volker are using other consoles. Chloe suddenly starts pressing buttons, and doesn't respond to Eli when he asks what she's doing. Eli and Brody are quick to stop her. Chloe assures them that it's ok, even though she isn't sure what she did. Eli sends her back to her quarters. Brody looks over her work and discovers something Eli should see.

Through his binoculars, Rush spots Simeon, as well as a large herd of animals in the distance. He removes a block of C-4 from his bag. Meanwhile, Scott and Greer reach the gate. James informs them that the ship will jump in two hours. Scott orders her to dial the gate, since Rush isn't coming. Rush starts shooting at Simeon, his shots missing wildly. Simeon returns fire, pinning Rush behind a large rock as he closes in. Rush is down to a single bullet. He triggers the C-4, which explodes in the distance. Simeon is confused, until the animal herd stampedes through the valley in his direction. They trample him. Once the stampede passes, Rush confronts Simeon. Barely able to move, Simeon tries to bargain with Rush using his knowledge of the Alliance attack. Rush kills him without a word.

When Rush finally makes it back to the gate, he finds it deserted, as he has been gone far longer than the allotted time for the jump to FTL. However, Scott walks out from behind the gate, and other soldiers in ambush positions emerge from hiding. He points out that Rush is nine hours late. Rush asks about Greer, who Scott says will be fine. When Scott asks why Rush didn't answer his radio, he explains that the battery died. He explains Eli reprogrammed a remote in the same fashion as Rush did, and that they set up the ambush knowing that someone was headed back to the gate with both remotes. He can't understand why Rush would take such a risk to kill Simeon, having no way of knowing that they'd be able to pick him up. Rush claims that he was confident Eli would figure out a way to extend the clock, but Scott reveals that Eli couldn't do it; Chloe managed to input a new course which brought Destiny back to the planet. Scott realizes that the equations Rush gave Chloe were for this purpose, which Rush confirms. Scott notes that there may be consequences for altering the ship's course, which Rush sees as normal for everything they do. As they dial back to Destiny, Scott asks Rush if he feels any better, and hopes that Rush was right about Simeon being unwilling to talk. Rush has no answer.


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Notable quotes

Scott: (to Rush) Do I need to send you back to Destiny, or are you here to help? (Rush tries to walk away and Scott grabs him.) Rush, listen. Listen! We have orders. Right now, we need him alive. And as far as I'm concerned, as soon as the Colonel's done with him, you can whatever the hell you want to the son of a bitch. I don't care.
Greer: If you don't kill him, I will.

Scott: (to Rush) This message you found in the ship's database.
Rush: More of a signal, a repeating pattern.
Scott: Do you have any idea what it means?
Rush: No.
Scott: You obviously think it's important.
Rush: Yes, it's important. Its existence defies the very laws of physics. Is it a message from God? The Almighty creator of the universe, as I'm sure you would like to believe. Well, I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? Let's go. (Rush walks away)
Greer: I don't care if the Colonel forgives him. I never will.
Scott: Well, I'm not sure if anyone's forgiven him, but maybe he's right. Fulfilling Destiny's mission's the best chance of getting home one day.
Greer: All I'm saying is, from now on, he'd better watch his own back.

Young: Hey, Eli. What are you doing?
Eli: I'm going to help on the planet. And I don't care what you say. I'm not going to be able to figure out how to stall the clock in the time we have.
Young: What, uh, exactly do you think you're going to do on the planet?
Eli: I don't know. Something.
Young: He's already injured two more Marines. These are highly trained combat s—
Eli: Do you even know how complicated Ancient programming algorithms are? Because Rush didn't solve it and he's had a couple of months.
Young: I need you to get back to the bridge.
Eli: Even if I could find a way to quickly bypass all the protocols and add time to the clock, I have no idea what the consequences might be down the line. For all I know, we may end up burning out all our power before we reach the next star. Are…are you ordering me to do that?
Young: I am considering the fact that we may be able to save lives on Earth.
Eli: Only if we catch Simeon alive and if he just tells you what you want to know. Because, really, what are the chances of that? Now, are you going to let me have one of these weapons, or not?
Young: You're angry? It that it, Eli? I get that. I also know that this is not something that is in you, and that's not something that you should be ashamed of. Now, listen to me. Killing someone, no matter how much you think they deserve it, is going to change you. All right? Don't you act like you are the only person aboard this ship that has lost someone that they care about.
Eli: I know.
Young: Good. I need you to get back to the bridge.

Simeon: (into radio) Rush. I know you didn't care enough about Ginn to risk your life coming after me. I'm sure it was that other woman she was connected to, huh? You must have really cared for her. I understand revenge. Your people have killed enough of mine. People I cared about. I let you live. You know why? I wanted you to live with it, the way I have. I wanted the pain to eat you alive. I know it's a fate worse than death. I let you live, but next time I won't. You want your revenge? You come and get it, Rush. I'm going to put you out of your misery. Come and get me.

(Wounded on the ground)
Simeon: I have information. (Rush simply looks at him and shoots Simeon without a word.)


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  • Rush enters the Stargate perhaps 30 seconds after Simeon, yet somehow Simeon had time to tie Dr. Lisa Park up and hide himself while disguising his tracks.
  • In reality, the G36K optical sight is a lot more sophisticated than the simple crosshairs seen on the show.
  • It appears that when Rush wipes his head (around the middle of the episode) with his M9 pistol in his hand that there is no magazine in it.
  • Lt. Matthew Scott doesn't consider the fact that Simeon is likely listening in on their conversation when he reports to Lt. Vanessa James of his position, which is how Simeon knows they are coming and sets an ambush. The ability to listen in is confirmed by the fact that Simeon is able to contact Rush later as he would need to of know which channel to be on to communicate with Rush.
  • Although there are factors that might not be apparent to the television viewer, Simeon's marksmanship noticeably gets much worse. He is first good enough to snipe at the Kino used by Rush (a very small target), hitting it squarely with two consecutive shots. After that, he misses the away team members several times while sniping at them from a concealed position even though they should be easier targets.


  • Nominated Leo for "Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series" (Jennifer Spence)

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Ártó szándék (Malefic Intention)
  • Russian: Злой умысел (Malicious Intent) or Злоба (Malice)

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