Malek is a Tok'ra military leader who oversaw a base after the one on Revanna was exposed and destroyed by Anubis' fleet in 2002.



While escaping from an attack of Anubis on the Tok'ra base in the Risa system, Malek, alongside many other Tok'ra escaped to the Alpha Site. Over time, relations between the Rebel Jaffa and the Tok'ra on the base deteriorated, with Malek fiercely defending his people. After the Naquadah generator of the base was sabotaged, Malek, alongside the other Tok'ra tried to leave, although he eventually agreed to undergo testing by a Za'tarc detector. He continued to closely work with the Tau'ri and Jaffa leaders while several people were killed, although he continued to harbor a deep mistrust against the Jaffa. After it was found out that an external person (later revealed to be Anubis' Ashrak) was responsible for the killings, Malek, together with Bra'tac and Colonel Jack O'Neill, searched the forest for this person. The group however was attacked by the cloaked Ashrak, leading to Bra'tac being badly beaten and kidnapped, while Malek escaped to warn the others. This led to Teal'c nearly strangling him, although he eventually stopped since Malek told them what he found out about the killer. He eventually suggested using a Naquadah reactor to create an EMP to decloak the Ashrak and thus worked with Major Samantha Carter on the reactor. This eventually led to a lengthy battle at the Stargate, where Malek was beaten down by the Ashrak, who was then killed by the still alive Bra'tac. Malek then thanked Bra'tac for saving his life. (SG1: "Allegiance")

Malek 1

Malek in a lab

Some time later, Malek, together with fellow Tok'ra Kelmaa, was asked by SG-1 to help them on the planet Pangar, after the team discovered that the Pangarans were using a Goa'uld Queen to spawn larvas from which they created the drug Tretonin. During their stay on the planet, the two Tok'ra conducted research on the queen and the Tretonin and tried to find a cure for the drug. When it was found out that the queen was Egeria, the mother of all Tok'ra, Malek demanded that the Pangarans release her. The humans however refused, leading to Kelmaa to sacrifice herself so that her host could be taken over by Egeria. Malek was very honored to talk with Egeria, who was herself pleased about the doings of her children. After Egeria helped the Pangarans to find a cure for the drug, she died and Malek brought her back to the other Tok'ra. (SG1: "Cure")


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