Makkahn Ahk, designated UX4-721 by the Tau'ri was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that was ruled over by the K'kaan.


Makkahn Ahk is a temperate world well within the acceptable range of environments for a species as hardy as K'kaan. The planet is slightly larger than Earth and covered with sea salt water over 60% of its surface. It is a phase of biological development roughly analogous to the Cretaceous Period on Earth (100 million years ago) and widely varied plant and animal species and large carnivores still dominated.

There is no intelligent native species, apart from the transplanted K'kaan. The planet is still in an early stage of its geological structure, sporting a super-continent, which comprises 40% of the planets surface. The interior is largely unchanged, while exceptionally high mountain ranges spanning hundreds of miles on the periphery of the land mass. Despite the large percentage of the global water coverage of the innermost parts of the continent is barren desert.

The planet is rich in both naquadah and trinium, even if deposits are closer to the base of the mountains, far from the Stargate. The presence of a rudimentary mine and transportation rings between Stargate and rock strongly suggest a Goa'uld presence thousands of years ago. There is no indication of why the site was abandoned, but the remains of primitive Unas slaves has been discovered by K'kaan archaeologists.

Probably they could not survive here with their primitive level of technology if they had logistical support for a Goa'uld masters. Stargate is several hundred miles from the base of the coastal mountain range where the foot is slowly fading to flatter terrain. This is a lush region thick with vegetation and wildlife and wet enough for large-scale agriculture. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")


Makkahn Ahk is populated by Unas who fled world K'kaa before a Goa'uld attack. A thousand years ago Unas slaves were brought to K'kaa as a miner with a low rank Goa'uld noble, but the planet was forgotten in the wake of his death. During the intervening centuries evolved Unas into K'kaa,leaving past their primitive roots and developed a peaceful technological society with a global government and advanced philosophy. They ended up calling the Unas, and instead adopted the term K'kaan. They use the term "Unas" to refer to their primitive roots, in the same way that people can use the term Neanderthal.

Naquadah on their world was enabling them to create advanced technology, but they had no need to develop weapons. They had taken tentative steps into space when they discovered Stargate. From anthropological records (old carvings that resemble Goa'uld symbols),they derived their origin as the Goa'uld slaves. This hardened his determination to fight the Goa'uld leads to several short clashes through the Stargate. Their leaders knew that eventually the Goa'uld would come through the spaceships, and that K'kaan technology could not stop them. Anticipating defeat the established a colony on another world - Makkahn Ahk - and began moving its population through the Stargate.

When Apophis attacked K'kaa, killing billions so on Makkahn Ahk several thousand refugees were cut off from their original world, trying to make themself a new planet. They had large stores of equipment and materials and had carefully selected as the best candidates to conduct K'kaan civilization. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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