The Madronans are the inhabitants of Madrona. They are a primitive culture, which has only one piece of advanced technology: the Touchstone. They appoint a High Priest to control the weather via the Touchstone. When SG-1 visited the planet, Roham was the High Priest of the Touchstone. When the Touchstone was stolen by people wearing Stargate Command uniforms, Roham accused SG-1 of taking it. SG-1 discovered that Earth's Beta Gate was used by the NID to purloin the Touchstone and other artifacts. They eventually returned the Touchstone to the Madronans and the weather was restored. (SG1: "Touchstone")

Madronans offered the Langarans refuge on their world when the rapid conversion of Naquadria on Langara threatened the habitability of the planet. With the help of SG-1 however, Langara was spared disaster, and evacuation was no longer required. (SG1: "Fallout")

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