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Ma'chello was a male Human from the planet Dendred.


Background information[]

His history was deeply entwined with the Goa'uld since his birth on the slave world of Dendred. The world differed from others within the Goa'uld Empire as it was already advanced when the Goa'uld invaded. Fortunately for the Goa'uld, the Dendredans were for the most part peaceful and had largely abandoned warfare and thus posed little threat to the warlord Ares who quickly conquered their world.

Growing up under the rule of the System Lords instilled a desire for freedom in Ma'chello that shaped his life. Though talks of independence were common among his people, it was Ma'chello whose determination put those words into action. At the age of 20, he started an underground rebellion which began with small insurgent attacks against the Jaffa patrols. What started as a small group of freedom fighters soon spread to the other cities and towns around the planet. Though not publicly acknowledged, Ma'chello was considered a hero by his people, for he gave them hope that they might one day free themselves from the tyranny of the System Lords.

Ma'chello's role in the rebellion extended beyond his leadership capabilities and his ability to inspire his comrades. He was also a brilliant scientist and engineer, which was done secretly as the System Lords outlawed learning among his people. He was able to develop weapons and other devices that could aid his people's struggle against the Goa'uld. These ranged from simple but powerful weapons to tools of subterfuge and intelligence gathering to booby trapped and sabotaged pieces of the Goa'ulds' own technology. Nothing that could be conceivably used as a tool or weapon was beneath Ma'chello's consideration. From experiments conducted on Goa'uld symbiotes harvested from captured Jaffa, he learned enough of Goa'uld physiology to arm his rebels with a myriad of devices designed to destroy the parasitic conquerors.

As the rebellion grew, its attacks became more daring and ambitious to the point where it drew the direct attention of Ares. Ma'chello and his rebels stopped their attacks against his Jaffa followers, as they decided to target the Goa'uld himself along with his personal retinue and even his orbital ships. However, Ares was far from helpless as he used his spies to locate Ma'chello and sent his troops to hunt the rebel leader down.

Despite this, Ma'chello and his rebels were prepared. They began an operation that would anger the God of War and secure Ma'chello's name in infamy among the ranks of the System Lords' most wanted list. Using an earlier version of his body-swapping device, two rebels switched their bodies with two of Ares' Jaffa, allowing them to move freely throughout Ares' planetary strongholds. Ma'chello's "Jaffa" rebels would gain control of two of Ares' Ha'tak motherships that were commanded by Ares' sons, Deimos and Phobos. They would sabotage the transportation rings of the vessels so that instead of transporting matter they would destroy it, after which they moved weapons between the two starships. The result was the death of Ares' sons, along with two of his motherships.

Ares' fury knew no bounds as he hunted Ma'chello. His hunt quickly surpassed any in Goa'uld history. It even drew the attention of other System Lords, who offered their assistance in finding and destroying the upstart rebel. For 50 years this would continue as Ares scoured all of Dendred for Ma'chello, and resulted in the death of two billion people who refused to hand over their hero. Just as Ma'chello thought he had evaded capture from the Goa'uld, he was betrayed by the one person closest to him. Unknown to Ma'chello, Ares spies had actually captured his wife Sharna who was taken over by one of Ares' lieutenants, Eris. Using her new host body, it was an easy matter to locate Ma'chello.

Once within Ares' grasp, Ma'chello was brutally tortured but kept alive through the use of the Sarcophagus. Despite all that he suffered, he refused to divulge any information about his inventions or the rebellion. Rather than lose access to Ma'chello's knowledge, Ares decided to use him as a host body for his brother Hephaestus. However, before his could be accomplished, Ma'chello managed to escape and kill several Jaffa before escaping through the Stargate.

Ma'chello would continue his war against the Goa'uld on other worlds for nearly 30 years where he aided the enemies of the System Lords such as the Tok'ra and the Ohnes. The price on Ma'chello's head would slowly rise as he quickly became the most wanted man in the galaxy, rivaling the reputation of the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur. Scrounging and salvaging any technology he could find, Ma'chello continued to build devices to use against the Goa'uld. In order to elude the System Lords, he would constantly be on the move and never stayed long enough to be identified. He would also create numerous laboratories scattered across the galaxy so that he could continue his battle against the Goa'uld. In addition to this, he attracted a group of like-minded individuals to his side which included fellow Dendred rebels and a number of Ohnes and Reol. They aided Ma'chello in his battles with the System Lords and used his laboratories as both temporary bases of operation as well as hiding places. Over time, Ma'chello's advancing age prevented him from continuing his fight and he eventually set up a base on the planet Tonnem where he supplied his allies with technology and whatever technology or assistance he could provide. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")


To survive longer due to his rapidly fading health, Ma'chello would use stasis technology to live across the years until SG-1 arrived on the planet which awakened him. He would trick Dr. Daniel Jackson into using his body-swapping device, allowing him to place his mind secretly within Jackson's body while the explorer from Earth was placed within the rapidly fading body of Ma'chello. He attempted to live his days on Earth, but when discovered, he refused to reverse the process as he felt that he deserved a right to live after all the suffering he faced. In exchange for his use of Jackson's body, Ma'chello offered his technology to Stargate Command in their fight against the Goa'uld. Ma'chello would speak to the dying Jackson, who managed to convince Ma'chello to reverse the process after Ma'chello realized that he was no different from the Goa'uld by stealing Jackson's body for his own as Eris did to Sharna. He would shortly die in his old body, leaving his mark on the galaxy. (SG1: "Holiday")


Following Ma'chello's death, his anti-Goa'uld devices were shipped to Area 51 on Earth. One particularly potent device was a biological weapon shaped like a leech that was capable of entering a host's body and destroying the Goa'uld within, having the same effect on the larva carried by a Jaffa. However, these leeches induced severe paranoid schizophrenia when infecting a non-Goa'uld human. Fortunately, they contained a kill-switch that was triggered by a particular protein marker released by a dying Goa'uld, providing an easy cure. The weapon's terrible side effects, and its indiscriminate, lethal effect on friendly Goa'uld carriers (Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa) are the likely reason why the SGC did not consider its use in their conflict against the System Lords. (SG1: "Legacy")


His allies and the System Lords were unaware of his death. Ares, the Goa'uld he opposed that was responsible for Ma'chello's wife being taken as a host, was killed 6 years after Ma'chello's death by Brigadier General Jack O'Neill who blew up Ares' mothership in orbit of Harold Maybourne's planet with two drones from a time traveling Puddle Jumper. (SG1: "It's Good to Be King")


At first glance, Ma'chello would seem like a kind, almost defenseless old man who has problems with his memory but in reality and like many others, he harbored a lot of deep anger and rage towards the Goa'uld who turned his wife against him and later tortured him. He was also deceptive and very manipulative, willing to play along with those who feel sorry for him and using their feelings to his advantage. However this behavior seemed to be due to a wariness of strangers as he was shown to be friendly to others as was seen by his interactions with Fred and SG-1 after he got to know them better.

Upon being confronted with Daniel Jackson who has been placed in Ma'chello's original body, Ma'chello expressed no remorse or guilt for his actions and believes that he has the right to a new body, especially after all that he has been through. However, once confronted with what he had done, he accepted the SGC's argument that him taking Daniel's body would have made him no better than the Goa'uld, recognizing that he had crossed a line that would have him as bad as his enemies.


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  • Ma'chello was played by Michael Shanks, both while in Daniel's body and his original body, with Shanks wearing prosthetics to convey Ma'chello's advanced age.

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