The MGM Tech Journal is a series of art and scientific entries posted on the MGM website on various aspects of Stargate: Atlantis.

SGC Intelligence BriefingsEdit

The briefings include information on:

  1. Genii City
  2. Tower Map: Gate Room
  3. Tower Map: Operations Center
  4. Tower Map: Zero Point Module Hub
  5. Tower Map: Puddle Jumper Bay
  6. Drone Weapon System
  7. Daedalus Battleship Schematic
  8. "Puddle Jumper" Schematic
  9. "Wraith Hive Ship"
  10. "Wraith Physiology"
  11. "Jaffa Staff Weapon"
  12. "Atlantis Control chair"
  13. "Sateda Warrior Armour"
  14. "Aurora-class battleship"
  15. "Aurora Battleship Bridge"
  16. "Wraith Stunner Rifle"
  17. "Ancient Long-Range Communication Device"


External LinkEdit

Tech Journal on the official MGM website.

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