M8G-352 is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy that is off the grid.


In 2006, when the Atlantis expedition managed to humanize a Hive Ship filled with Wraith before they could reach Earth, they sent the 200-odd Wraith that survived being fed on by each other to this planet. There was no Stargate and the planet is uninhabited so the Wraith had no interest there. Dr. Carson Beckett and a medical team remained and taught them how to administer the Iratus bug retrovirus until a permanent solution could be discovered.


The Daedalus arrives at the planet

However, a group of Human-form Wraith went underground and wanted to see what would happen if they didn't take the drug. When they found out the truth, the group used their telepathy to alert a Hive ship to the planet. The ship rescued an unknown amount of Wraith (including Michael Kenmore) and the planet has since been abandoned by both Wraith and Humans alike. (SGA: "Misbegotten")

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