M4D-05B was a planet in the Pegasus galaxy, which was populated by humans. The planet was one of the worlds the Lanteans used for cultural observation and experimentation by the Lantean observation satellites. That was the planet Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay played around with in their free time. They both made separate cultures in two nations; Geldar and Hallona. They had no idea such a thing happened, until Major Evan Lorne and his team surveyed the planet. By the time Sheppard's team arrived, both countries were on the brink of war and unwilling to back down. With help from the Daedalus, McKay and Sheppard were able to demonstrate the potential devastation of war and convince the two countries to enter negotiations. (SGA: "The Game")

SGA S03E15

Map of Geldar and Hallona

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