M40-P36 is an uninhabited planet in the Pegasus Galaxy described as being rocky and cold with some ruins a few miles from the Stargate.

When Queen Death kidnapped Doctor Rodney McKay, she used the planet as her base of operations. The Wraith dialed New Athos from the planet to scout and then to have a Wraith worshipper send a phony distress call to Atlantis to draw the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team to the planet. Once the team was on New Athos, the Wraith launched a raid with three Wraith Darts that successfully kidnapped McKay. Once the Darts returned to the planet, they made their way to a hive ship in orbit and the Wraith abandoned the planet once more. After the raid, Doctor Radek Zelenka checked the DHD on New Athos and got thirty-seven Stargate addresses dialed within the last six months. With the help of Teyla Emmagan and Halling he was able to narrow it down to nine, one of which being M40-P36.

Investigating the planet, the team and Doctor Zelenka was able to determine that M40-P36 was the right planet as the Stargate had only been dialed in the last six months to New Athos despite the planet being uninhabited. However, by the time they located the right planet out of the nine possibilities, three days had already passed and the hive ship had left orbit, leaving them with no further clues to find on M40-P36. Though Lt. Colonel John Sheppard suggested sending a Puddle Jumper back to scan for further clues, it was rejected as it was too late to find any traces the hive ship might've left behind due to the amount of time that had passed. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming", "The Lost")

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