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Lucius Lavin is a Human male from an unnamed planet in the Pegasus Galaxy. His behavior is often found to be obnoxious and annoying. Once disliked by his fellow people, he discovered a herb which made him the most liked man in his village. In 2006, he encountered the Atlantis expedition, where all but Lt. Colonel John Sheppard became influenced. He, along with an eventually able Dr. Carson Beckett counteracted the herb's effects. When his people learned the truth, he was banished and moved to another planet, and used a personal shield emitter, as well as hiring Genii mercenaries, to become the town "hero", that is until, the power source for the shield depleted.


Background information

Lucius resided in a village in an unnamed planet in Pegasus Galaxy. He once claimed that when he was a young boy, he rescued a baby from the freezing waters during the night, and helped raised him, albeit ailed with brain damage. Lucius later grew up to be a baker, selling mostly bread, and muffins during festivals. Due to his annoying behavior, he was not much liked by his fellow villages. According to Willa, she "refused to share his bed more than once." He liked to travel, one day, he journeyed to M6H-491, where he discovered a herb. He brought some back to his home village, and started experimenting with it by lacing it into his bread. After a while, he discovered that people started to hate him less. Eventually, he was able to concoct a potion from the herb, claiming it to be medicine, which he would regularly drink. The herb's properties made Lucius the most liked man in his village, and worked his way to marry six women, including Willa and Heleen. (SGA: "Irresistible")

At one point, an admirer of his gave him a gift; a personal shield emitter, though he did not know what it was. Several years after making the serum, he discovered the Wraith turned 491 into an outpost; Lucius would no longer be able to harvest the herb without the risk of capture or death. (SGA: "Irresistible")


Lucius with wife Willa during his first encounter with the Atlantis expedition.

In the latter half of 2006, the Atlantis expedition were working to harvest Stargates from uninhabited worlds for the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team searched the planet, and discovered it was home to a civilization. As protocol, the team visited the villagers, and came across Lucius. Fairly quickly, the team noticed he was annoying, yet everyone in the village mysteriously loved him. Lucius wished Teyla Emmagan to be his seventh wife, though she merely passed the offer. He also noticed that Sheppard had a cold, and told him he had some medicine to get rid of the cold in six or seven days (the average length of an untreated cold anyway). Soon, the team decided to leave, against his wishes, though the misunderstanding was sorted out by arranging their "return" for later.

Believing Lucius to be nothing more of a "snake oil salesman", Dr. Carson Beckett was sent back to check the viability of his "medicines". Beckett was skeptical about Lucius' claim that his medicines can cure "every ailment" in town, as well as a love potion. He never did any actual testing, because after he had dinner with the locals, the pheromones in the herb won Beckett over, and was hence the first member in the expedition to fall under his influence. Eventually, Beckett returned to Atlantis, with Lucius without approval from Dr. Elizabeth Weir, which was against protocol that Beckett helped create.

Weir also noticed Beckett's strange change of behavior towards him. Lucius intended for everyone to like him due to the herb, and knowing their capabilities, have them extract more of the herb on the Wraith outpost. Slowly but surely, the effects of the herb took control of the expedition members. Eventually, the only ones who weren't affected were Sheppard, because of his cold, and Dr. Rodney McKay, who spent little time with him. Sheppard decided to return to Lucius' planet, believing his "medicine" may have something to do with the behavioral changes in the expedition. To stop anyone from dialing to 491, Sheppard had McKay disable Atlantis' Dial Home Device once he left. However, after Sheppard left for Lucius' planet, Lucius, with the help of Ronon Dex (who held McKay against a wall), talked to McKay for hours, until the herb took a hold of him too, and he neglected to disable the DHD.

Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan and Elizabeth Weir gather round Lucius.

Sheppard, meanwhile, revisited Lucius' village to discover that everyone in the village has been sick, and learned that not everyone first thought Lucius was a kind, loving man, but for what he was, annoying, until they grew to him after some of his travels. Sheppard decided to get some of the medicine and bring it back to Atlantis for testing. He returned to learn that even McKay has fallen for Lucius' influence, and that Beckett, Ronon and Teyla returned to M6H-491 for the herb, without Sheppard's approval. Sheppard went to do tests on the vial, but needed Beckett's expertise on knowing how it actually works and find a way to counteract it. Knowing Beckett is under Lucius' influence, Sheppard kidnaps Beckett and sends him to the mainland for him to go into "detox", and help Sheppard counteract the herb.

Lucius, realizing Sheppard's intentions, sends the rest of his team to find the two. After he is eventually captured, Lucius pays Sheppard a visit in the brig, and told him his history, and believed that Sheppard's team arriving was "fate", since they have the means to get more of the herb. Meanwhile, Lucius was also interested in flying a Puddle Jumper, and wished to acquire the Ancient Technology Activation gene therapy in order to fly it. However, unknown to him, Beckett already found a way to counteract the herb, and the ATA gene therapy Lucius was given was in fact the antidote. Afterwards, everyone was given the antidote, and Lucius was sent back to his home, after the villagers were given the antidote too. (SGA: "Irresistible")

Lucius had a less-than-happy reunion with his people. His wives divorced him, and he was banished from the village, and the planet. (SGA: "Irresistible")

In the months that followed, he discovered the use of the personal shield emitter while he was perusing files during his time in Atlantis. Knowing he did not have the Ancient Technology Activation gene, he found someone who did, who eventually found a way to activate it by himself. He soon moved to M65-PL8. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

Lucius demonstrates his invincibility.

One day, the town was attacked by a group of raiders. Using the Personal shield emitter, he was able to defeat and chase them away. Since then, he became the town hero. To entertain his new fellow people, he told several heroic stories where he was the protagonist; the stories were all made up and taken from some of the Atlantis mission reports; one such story involved Lucius almost being seduced by a beautiful Ancient. Two months after saving the village, an Athosian visited the planet and learned of the hero. The Athosian relayed the news to Teyla Emmagan, who wanted to visit the planet to check out the claim. The rest of her team also wanted to meet the hero, not knowing he was in fact Lucius Lavin.

Dr. Carson Beckett tested his blood and determined that he no longer took the herb. In fact, the reason why the people love him because he was "invincible" after attacking the raiders; he demonstrated his invincibility by having crates fall on his head. The team realize he is in possession of the personal shield. After a while, they decide to leave. However, as they do, the village is attacked by more raiders. Sheppard noticed that before Lucius came to fight them off, the guns weren't loaded, leading him to suspect that Lucius paid a group of people to pose as raiders. This was confirmed when the team followed him to an isolated area outside the town, where it is revealed Lucius paid former Genii soldiers in Cowen's personal guard to occasionally attack the town when the people started become bored of him; the mercenaries where forced to leave the Genii after Ladon Radim became leader.

The mercenaries, lead by Haemon, felt exploited, and eventually called for Commander Acastus Kolya, who jumped at the opportunity to capture Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, and hold them hostage in exchange that Dr. Elizabeth Weir gave his group weapons to overthrow Radim. Lucius attempted to fight the army alone, but was captured before he could act. He was tortured to reveal the location of Sheppard's team, who were in a secret compartment in Lucius's house. They left before the Genii could get to them, but all except for Sheppard were quickly captured afterwards. In order to weed Sheppard out, the Genii guarded the Stargate and restrained Lucius in the tavern. However, as Sheppard was about to release him, he noticed a large explosive under the table, and ran before the tavern exploded. The shield managed to protect Lucius from any injury, and was then released by Kolya.

Now free again, he encountered Sheppard again, who had a plan involving Lucius' shield; Sheppard borrowed it from him. He later paid a visit to some of the fellow villagers and told them that they can't rely on Lucius for every problem, and they must fend for themselves at times; Lucius wished to spread the word around to rebel against Kolya and his men. After Sheppard revealed himself to Kolya, his men opened fire; the shield protected him. However, after emptying their guns, the shield's power source became depleted. Meanwhile, Lucius' plan for an uprising worked, and all but Kolya surrendered; Sheppard would later kill him in a duel.

After the whole incident, Lucius claimed he had changed his ways, and they left him back on the planet with his new people. Sheppard also returned the shield before his team left, but neglected to tell him that the power source is depleted. Just as the team left, Lucius urged a young boy to kick him in the groin to test the shield, with painful consequences. (SGA: "Irresponsible")


Lucius is depicted as a selfish, self-absorbed man who is willing to do anything to get people to love him. Lucius has shown that he is willing to go as far as drugging people to like him and hiring mercenaries to increase his reputation. However, these traits possibly stem from a life of loneliness as Lucius was extremely disliked by his people before he discovered his herb. Notably, he was upset when he learned that Doctor Carson Beckett no longer liked him when not under the influence of his drug, having displayed a possible genuine liking of Beckett even before drugging him. Lucius has also shown himself to be reasonably intelligent, being able to experiment with his herb to create a potion that would allow him to drug others and displaying a greater control over the Ancient personal shield emitter than Doctor Rodney McKay who had greater knowledge of Ancient technology. When not in control of a situation, Lucius has proven himself to be a coward, being easily cowed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard without any sort of threat and quickly breaking under torture by Acastus Kolya when his shield couldn't protect him.

Despite his cowardly, selfish and self-absorbed ways, Lucius has displayed some moments of selflessness and courage. While Lucius faked the second time he saved a village, he admits that the first time he really did act to save the people, albeit protected by his shield. Later, when Sheppard's team and the village is in danger from Kolya, though obviously scared, Lucius offers Sheppard his help to save everyone rather than running and hiding as he had wanted to do only minutes earlier. Even after giving Sheppard his shield, Lucius is still willing to aid him by rallying the villagers to Sheppard's aid against the rogue Genii forces. (SGA: "Irresistible", "Irresponsible")


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