The Lucian Alliance outpost was a research center constructed by the Lucian Alliance on an Icarus-like planet. It is built inside a Goa'uld pyramid, outfitted with some Earth technology to dial the gate (likely acquired by Telford) and was also protected by a shield. After the destruction of Icarus Base, the Alliance sought out another Icarus-type planet to pursue their own research into the ninth chevron, using Colonel David Telford to procure the data from the Icarus project. However, they were unable to get the formula used to dial Destiny, stalling their progress. This changed when they captured Nicholas Rush, who was inhabiting the body of Colonel Telford. When the outpost came under attack from the Tau'ri, the Lucian Alliance were able to dial Destiny, but the planet (along with the outpost) was destroyed in the process. (SGU: "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1")

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