Louis Ferretti is a Major in the United States Air Force and the leader of SG-2.



He was a member of Colonel Jack O'Neill's team on the original mission to Abydos. He was captured by Ra and was set to be executed by Dr. Daniel Jackson but Skaara and the other Abydonians freed him. He then returned to Earth with O'Neill while Daniel stayed on Abydos. (Stargate)


When the Stargate on Earth was reopened, he journeyed back to Abydos along with Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Major Charles Kawalsky and a few other soldiers. When Apophis' forces attacked Abydos, Ferretti was badly injured. He managed to identify the gate coordinates Apophis entered before escaping through the gate. (SG1: "Children of the Gods")


Ferretti was made commanding officer of SG-2 following the death of Major Charles Kawalsky. When Major General George S. Hammond ordered him to retrieve SG-1 for court-martial, he was unable to comply as SG-1 had Gated aboard Klorel's Ha'tak and it had taken off, rendering the gate coordinates invalid. (SG1: "Within the Serpent's Grasp")


  • He became very angry when he discovered Daniel Jackson didn't know how to redial the gate on Abydos, but later told him that "I always knew you'd get us back."
  • He has heard of "Major Matt Mason". When Samantha Carter stated she played with the astronaut doll as a girl, he asked her if she had "that cool little backpack that made him fly?"
  • He greeted Daniel Jackson with the Vulcan salute when they returned to Abydos.
  • The members of SG-1 seem to be on good terms with him.
  • Aside from O'Neill and Jackson, Feretti was the closest to seeing Ra without his mask as the latter was rising from his sarcophagus.

Behind the scenes

  • Ferretti has not appeared since the first season of Stargate SG-1, though he was briefly mentioned in the third-season episode "Shades of Grey" as a possible candidate to replace the recently discharged O'Neill (Later revealed to have been part of an attempt to infiltrate a rogue branch of the NID that was stealing alien technology), indicating he was still on staff at Stargate Command, though it's unknown whether he was still commanding officer of SG-2 at the time.
  • In the feature film, his name was spelled with one "R" instead of two.
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