This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "Lost City, Part 1".

"Lost City, Part 2" is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


With the full force of Anubis' fleet en route to Earth, SG-1 undertakes one final effort to find the Lost City of the Ancients before time runs out. As the Ancient knowledge continues to overwhelm Colonel Jack O'Neill's mind, a clue to its whereabouts finally emerges, leading the team to a distant planet across the galaxy. Earth meanwhile attempts to fend off an invasion with the fate of the planet and mankind hanging in the balance.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Anubis has advanced in his conquest to defeat the other System Lords throughout the Galaxy and it is only a matter of time before he sets his attention to Earth. In an effort to defeat him, SG-1 have been in search of a "Lost City", an Ancient city that could posses technology capable of defeating Anubis once and for all. The team finds a clue on P3X-439: an Ancient Repository of knowledge. To prevent its capture by Anubis, Colonel Jack O'Neill uses the device, which instantly downloads a database of Ancient knowledge into his brain. However, while the knowledge slowly begins overwriting his brain, Vice President Robert Kinsey has yet another plan to take control of the Stargate Program, placing Dr. Elizabeth Weir in command. Fearing that the Tau'ri now posses the knowledge of the Ancients, Anubis sends his fleet to attack Earth. Teal'c and Bra'tac decide to leave for Chulak to gather ships to aide in Earth's defense.


Lost City, Part 2 1

Daniel attempts to ascertain the extent to which the Ancient knowledge has advanced in O'Neill's brain.

Dr. Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill sit in Dr. Jackson's lab. At a desk, O'Neill attempts to finish his crossword puzzle as Daniel thumbs through a book across the room. After several seconds, Daniel begins to approach O'Neill, asking if any of the words in the book look familiar to him, attempting to gauge how far the Ancient knowledge has progressed in his brain. O'Neill is uninterested, and replies that he is still unable speak Ancient. As the two talk, Daniel becomes agitated when it becomes apparent that O'Neill is unwilling to help him understand what's happening in his mind, eventually grabbing the crossword from O'Neill's hands in frustration. As he begins to inspect it, Major Samantha Carter walks in. She begins to speak but is quickly interrupted by Daniel, who notes that for the clue "label", O'Neill has inserted the answer "Praclarush" and for the clue "sphere", he has answered "Taonas". Upon realizing this, Daniel contends that "Praclarush Taonas" is the name of the planet on which the Lost City is located. Carter and O'Neill however appear skeptical. O'Neill, still appearing uninterested, walks out of the room to the mess hall with Carter and Daniel following closely behind.

In the SGC Mess hall, O'Neill, Carter, and Daniel sit at a table while Daniel reads through his book. From his reading, he quickly discovers that "Praclarush Taonas" translates into "lost in fire", which he claims is further support for his belief that the lost city is located there. Carter responds that, unless they have a gate address for the planet, simply knowing its name means nothing.

Lost City, Part 2 1

O'Neill rips the point of origin patch from Daniel's Jacket.

At that moment, O'Neill reaches across the table and rips off the patch containing the Point of Origin symbol on Daniel's jacket. Upon placing it on the table, the trio look at each other perplexed. O'Neill, appearing equally as confused over what has just transpired, responds that, when he looks at Earth's point of origin symbol, he feels that it means "at". Daniel thinks he understands what O'Neill is trying to say and proceeds to test his hypothesis; He searches for a blank page in his notebook in which he draws the glyph representing the constellation Orion. He shows to O'Neill, who responds by simply saying "shh". As the trio again look on perplexed, O'Neill and explains that the sound "shh" is what the symbol reminds him of.

Daniel then realizes his theory is correct. He goes on to explain the possibility that each symbol on the Stargate has a corresponding sound that can be spoken aloud. He thus claims that, because the name "Procarush Taonas" has six syllables, which could correspond to the six glyphs needed for an in-galaxy Stargate address, the name of the planet is also its address, with Earth's "At" symbol serving as the point of origin.

Lost City, Part 2 6

Daniel writing down the gate address for Proc-la-ru-sh Tao-nas At.

In the Stargate Operations room, Daniel shares his discovery with Dr. Elizabeth Weir while Carter, sitting directly in front of them, searches for the planet in the base's computer. However, she quickly discovers that they already tried dialing the planet over two years ago but were unable to successfully establish a wormhole, possibly because the planet's gate is buried. She contends that the lost city could still be on the planet and that the planet's position in space could be calculated based on its gate address, but that a ship would be needed to take them there. Daniel suggests they use Prometheus, an idea Dr. Weir rejects, acknowledging that when Anubis arrives, Prometheus will be Earth's last line of defense. Thus, they must rely on Teal'c to procure a ship. Dr. Weir then asks where Col. O'Neill is and Daniel replies with "packing".

Daniel, Carter, and Weir then proceed to an SGC storage room strewn with shelves of equipment. As they enter, they see O'Neill quickly walking around the room grabbing armfuls of supplies and collecting them into a large pile. As they follow behind him while he continues, O'Neill claims that he doesn't know why he's doing it. Daniel and Carter explain to Weir that, the last time O'Neill interfaced with the Ancient repository, he similarly began doing things without knowing why and that it's likely a good sign. O'Neill asks Carter to grab a Naquadah generator before walking away to grab more supplies.


Ronan, a Rebel Jaffa, offers his ship and services in support of the Tau'ri.

Meanwhile, on Chulak, night has fallen. Teal'c and Bra'tac sit in a large tent gently illuminated by candlelight as various Jaffa are called in one at a time. As the next Jaffa approaches the tent, the several Jaffa guarding the entrance allow him to enter. He approaches Teal'c and Bra'tac and introduces himself as Ronan, whose father is known to Bra'tac, and states that it is an honor to meet them in person. He reveals that he has a Tel'tak at his disposal but warns them that, no matter how brave they are, he has seen the extent of Anubis' fleet. He contends that one Tel'tak is no match for such a formidable force. Bra'tac however, tells him that they only intend to use the ship to find something far more powerful that has the potential to defeat Anubis once and for all. Upon hearing this, Ronan agrees to offer his ship on the condition that he join them in their mission. Teal'c and Bra'tac accept his offer, noting Ronan to be a fine pilot.

At the SGC, Dr. Weir stands in the embarkation room and is surrounded by several crates of supplies that are being prepared for travel. The Stargate is active. As SG-1 enters the room, they are dressed in their mission uniforms and are carrying the last of their supplies with them. They approach Dr. Weir who, jokingly, implies that they've packed everything but the kitchen sink. She tells the team that she hopes they find what they're looking for. SG-1 then depart through the gate, followed by several gate technicians carrying supplies.

In Ronan's Tel'tak, which has been loaded with SG-1's supplies, the team, including Teal'c, Bra'tac, and Ronan, set off for Praclarush in hyperspace. While en route, Daniel and O'Neill sit in the back of the ship among the crates. They look at each other, both quiet as they reflect on their situation, when Daniel states that he would have used the repository in O'Neill's place given the chance. O'Neill says he knows. Daniel states that they'll find a way to reverse what's going on in O'Neill's mind before it kills him, but both seem unsure if they actually can. Carter then enters the room, stating that, despite pushing the engines as fast as they can go, it'll still take them two days to reach the planet. She asks O'Neill how he's going, and he replies that he's "a bit Kruvis" with a "little fron ache". He then immediately stands up while claiming 'we need to go faster'.

Lost City, Part 2 2

The vanguard of Anubis' fleet approaches Earth.

Meanwhile, at Earth, three of Anubis' Ha'tak vessels have exited hyperspace over Earth's Moon and are approaching the planet. At the white house, General John P. Jumper enters the oval office and informs the president that space-based radar has detected the Goa'uld fleet on approach. Vice President Robert Kinsey, Major General George S. Hammond, General Francis Maynard and General John P. Jumper, the Chief of Staff, are also in the room. Hayes remarks to Kinsey that Bra'tac's warnings were correct. However, given that only three ships have arrived, a mere fraction of Anubis' total fleet, Hammond suggests that such ships are simply the vanguard of Anubis' force, sent to see if Earth has indeed procured Ancient technology as Anubis fears. Hayes adds that the main invasion fleet will likely be soon to follow once Anubis' initial assessment is complete. General Jumper suggests that Prometheus and Earth's fleet of F-302s could succeed in repelling this initial force, though Hammond, agreeing with Jumper's assessment, concludes that launching Prometheus now would only serve to demonstrate to Anubis that Earth lacks Ancient technology, the threat of which is, for the moment, forestalling Anubis' attack. Hayes decides to remain at DEFCON-3 and orders that the governments of Canada, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom be made aware of the situation. As the briefing concludes, the group begins to leave the office while Hayes walks toward is desk, intending to prepare a speech on the situation for the public.

Aboard the Tel'tak, O'Neill is in the engine room rearranging the ship's control crystals. As Carter approaches, O'Neill asks her for a Zat'nik'tel. She hands him one, and he promptly shoots the tray of crystals he was just working on with it. The lights on the panels begin flashing more quickly and the ship's engine begin emitting a higher frequency sound, signifying that the ship's speed has been increased. O'Neill appears preoccupied as Carter begins talking to him. When she states that General Hammond has authorized her to take command of the team once O'Neill's mind has become too far gone, O'Neill quickly replies 'do it now'. She scoffs at the idea, but O'Neill is completely serious. To make it easy on her, he immediately resigns. Carter then begins to express her feelings for O'Neill, but he tells her that he knows how she feels.

In Anubis' mothership, Anubis stands in a room looking out a window. Two Kull warriors stand guard at the entrance as his first prime, Her'ak, enters. As Anubis continues staring out the window at empty space, Her'ak informs him that their advance attack force has received no challenge from Earth. Anubis then orders the advance force to begin their attack, claiming it will force the Tau'ri's hand.


The team find Praclarush "lost in fire".

Meanwhile, SG-1's tel'tak emerges from hyperspace over a dead, fiery world orbiting a single star. As the craft nears the planet, SG-1 approaches the pel'tac at which Bra'tac and Ronan are already sitting. As they look out the main window, they see that almost the entire planet is covered by lava flows, and note that the planet's present state is likely the result of its star having turned into a red giant relatively recently. They furthermore note that, a million years ago, the planet may have been reasonably Earth-like. The group then look toward O'Neill, who appears just as confused as everyone else as to why they are there. Carter posits that O'Neill must have subconsciously realized what the state of the planet would be like, and knew they would have to go to the surface (O'Neill having packed Hazmat suits beforehand). Carter then orders O'Neill to sit at the pel'tac to guide them where to go. When O'Neill sits at the controls, the view screen activates, prompting O'Neill to unknowingly say "Tanoas" upon viewing a small domed structure in the distance. The team decided to investigate it, realizing it may be an outpost.

Later, in the oval office, General Maynard is on the phone with the captain of the destroyer USS Spruance, a ship in the USS Nimitz carrier group. He informs the president, and places the call on speaker-phone so that the group can hear what is transpiring. The captain describes one by one the ships of the carrier group being destroyed, each by a single blast from above. As he continues describing the attack in real time, the phone suddenly cuts to static mid-sentence. Maynard immediately grabs the phone, but the connection is lost. Presumably, the captain's ship has also been destroyed. Hayes and the others look on solemnly.

Lost City, Part 2 3

O'Neill instructs the team that what they're looking for is buried under the ice of Antarctica.

Back over the surface of Praclarush, Bra'tac positions the Tel'tak over a section of the dome that appears to be thinner than the rest such that it may be penetrated by the ship's transportation rings. In the back of the ship, SG-1 don their Hazmat suits in preparation to ring down into the structure. As they ring into the structure, they find themselves in a dark, red cavern. The air is toxic and visibly thick and red with high levels of radiation present. The ground is covered with stalagmites. As they begin to explore the structure, Carter notes that the rings may have compromised the integrity of the dome and thus they should proceed quickly.

After only a few minutes, the team approaches a small room with a large chair positioned on a platform in the center, clearly Ancient in design. As Carter, Daniel, and Tea'lc begin looking around the room, O'Neill walks toward the chair. Upon sitting it, the chair immediately springs to life, becoming illuminated from behind while emitting a gentile hum. As O'Neill positions his hands on the armrests of the chair, a force field is raised around the room and atmosphere to it is restored, leading O'Neill to remove the top of his hazmat suit, followed by the rest of the team. O'Neill continues to interact with the device, placing his hands on the jelly-like interface of the chair's armrests, causing the chair to suddenly lean back and a holographic map of the galaxy to appear suspended in the air above the room. Hundreds of planets once colonized across the Milky Way by the Ancients are displayed as SG-1 looks on in amazement. A map of the Solar system is then displayed, which then zooms in on Earth as it looked millions of years ago. When Carter finally asks O'Neill why they're being shown this, he responds "Terra Atlantus", appearing to be able to speak only in Ancient. When Antarctica comes into view, O'Neill states "Subbo Glacios", which Daniel translates to mean "under the ice". The team then realizes what O'Neill has been trying to show them: that the Lost City they've been looking for is under the ice of Antarctica.

Carter then questions why they had to come all the way to Praclarush if the Lost City was on Earth the whole time. Upon hearing this, O'Neill puts the top of his hazmat suit back on and begins to stand up. As SG-1 similarly re-secures their hazmat suits, O'Neill bends down near the edge of the platform on which the chair is positioned. As he waves his hand across the corner, a small, illuminated, orange-colored device begins to rise up from the platform several inches. O'Neill pulls it out, causing the illumination to decrease and the chair to deactivate. He hands it to Carter, who identifies it a power source before placing it into a bag.

Ronan 1

Ronan reveals himself as an agent of Anubis.

As the team begin to leave the room and start back to the location where they ringed in, Carter radios Bra'tac, informing him that they've discovered the location of the Lost City on Earth. On the tel'tak, Bra'tac acknowledges the message, and leaves the pel'tac to tend to the transporter rings to ring SG-1 back aboard. As he approaches the rear of the ship, he is approached by Ronan, who unexpectedly and forcefully stabs Bra'tac in his symbiote pouch. Bra'tac realizes he has been betrayed, but Ronan, still holding the knife inside Bra'tac, claims that Bra'tac is the betrayer of his 'one true god, Anubis'. Ronan then removes the knife and Bra'tac falls to the floor, and then defiantly tells the mole that he should have stabbed him in the heart instead. Ronan states that he stabbed Bra'tac in the symbiote pouch so he would die more slowly. Bra'tac, however, reveals that he no longer carries a symbiote and kicks Ronan in the leg, making him fall to the ground. Both Jaffa falter, but quickly stand up and begin to fight hand to hand. As the fight continue, Bra'tac appears to be losing. However, when Ronan calls him a weak old man, Bra'tac is emboldened. He proceeds to land a series of devastating blows until, finally, he pins Ronan to a wall and violently stabs him in the abdomen. He stares into Ronan's eyes as Ronan dies in front of him.

The tel'tak has meanwhile automatically arrived at the ring-up location. SG-1 has already arrived at the location below and are being pummeled with bits of falling rock as they wait. Bra'tac, heavily weakened by the fight, manages to craw to the ring control pad and activate the rings with the last of his strength, transporting SG-1 to the ship, before collapsing to the ground. When SG-1 arrive on board, they see Bra'tac and Ronan on the floor before them. Carter secures the ship while Teal'c, Daniel, and O'Neill tend to Bra'tac. He explains that Ronan was an agent of Anubis and that, given his injuries, he does not believe he will survive much longer. O'Neill then approaches Bra'tac, removing his hazmat gloves and kneeling above him. He places his hand over the wound in Bra'tac's symbiote pouch and begins to concentrate. After several seconds, Bra'tac notices that the pain is fading and his injuries are healing, and SG-1 look on in amazement. O'Neill begins to slowly fall over, having momentarily lost consciousness. He is caught by Daniel and quickly regains composure. Teal'c, meanwhile, helps Bra'tac up, appearing to be completely healed by O'Neill and the healing power he appears to have received from the Ancient repository. Bra'tac informs O'Neill that he is, once again indebted to him. Carter then orders Teal's to set a course for Earth.

Lost City, Part 2 4

Anubis makes contact with President Hayes, appearing as a hologram in the oval office.

In the Oval Office, the President and his advisers are discussing the situation. General Jumper states that the US air force in on high alert but that, since the destruction of the Nimitz carrier group, there have been no further attacks. As the discussion continues, the power is suddenly cut, and Anubis appears before the group. Everyone immediately jumps out of their chairs and takes cover, with several secret service officers swarming around Hayes and Kinsey. The rest take out small arms and begin to shoot, but quickly realize that what they're shooting at is only a hologram. When the gunfire ceases, Hayes slowly approaches the hologram as Anubis introduces himself. Anubis recognizes Hayes as the leader of Earth, though Hayes calmly responds that the Unites States is one nation among many. He continues speaking with Anubis, dismissing his threats of doom and contending that Earth will prevail, all in a particularly lighthearted manner. Hayes asks to discuss the terms of Anubis' surrender, though Anubis contends that, if the Tau'ri possessed weapons rivaling his own, Hayes would have already used them. The hologram then dissipates and the power to the room is resumed. Everyone looks on at the president, bewildered.

Anubis, now feeling confident that the Tau'ri are vulnerable, launches the remainder of his fleet to Earth, including his flagship, all of which emerge from hyperspace above Earth moments later. In the oval office, General Jumper informs Hayes that 30+ ships have been detected approaching the planet. Upon hearing this, Hayes loosens his tie and leans against his desk. Kinsey immediately begins telling Hayes that they need to evacuate off world, but Hayes insists he's not leaving, as do Hammond and General Maynard. Kinsey, not wanting to stay behind and face the attack, scampers out of the room. Hayes, appearing pleased at their decision to stay, offers Hammond a new job.

Transportation rings modifed

Jack modifies the tel'tak's ring transporter platform.

In hyperspace aboard the Tel'tak bound for Earth, O'Neill is working on modifying the ring transporter platform when he is approached by Teal'c. He begins speaking to O'Neill, telling him about the armada of ships they've detected around Earth, but is met with no response as O'Neill continues working. Teal'c then kneels beside him, beginning to make an emotional appeal, when O'Neill places his hand against the side of his face, tenderly. Teal'c is left silent as the two gaze into each other eyes; their eyes saying to each other what words cannot. O'Neill then gently moves his hand to Teal'c's shoulder, and Teal'c nods approvingly, knowing that O'Neill's mind is still present and not yet entirely consumed by the Ancient knowledge. O'Neill then finally removes his hand, and continues his work on the ring platform.

In the oval office, Hayes stares at a television screen filled only with static. Maynard remarks that the Goa'uld have systematically been targeting power grids and broadcast terminals around the planet, restricting communication, and preventing Hayes' speech from being broadcast to the public. The cover story is a meteor shower, but Hayes knows that that can only hold up for so long. He decides to go to DEFCON 1 and instructs Jumper to launch the Prometheus.

At the SGC, Kinsey and Weir stand in the gate room with a small group of government officials as the address for the Alpha Site is being dialed. Weir accuses Kinsey of being a coward, though Kinsey contends he's simply ensuring the survival of the human race. Just as Kinsey finishes talking, power is cut to the gate room. The room goes dark and the Stargate ceases to dial. Kinsey demands to know what is going on meanwhile Weir orders the iris to be manually closed as a precaution. Kinsey demands that the iris be opened and the Alpha site be re-dialed so he can escape, but moments later an incoming wormhole in established, preventing his departure. As the gate activates, a massive explosion can be heard against the iris, causing the entire room to shake and nearly knocking Weir and Kinsey off their feet. Anubis has dialed in. Moments later, Colonel Pearson then receives an encoded message from SG-1 through subspace, prompting Weir to immediately run to her office to call the president, with Kinsey following closely behind.

On the phone, Weir suggests that the Prometheus would best be used to assist SG-1 in completing their mission, rather that taking on the entire Goa'uld fleet itself. Kinsey strongly protests, interrupting Weir, and informing the president that he's relieving her and taking command of the SGC himself. Hayes responds by emphatically telling Kinsey to "shut the hell up", and goes on to accept his resignation. Kinsey, now completely enraged, tells Hayes that he will "only live to regret" his decision, and storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Now alone with the president, Weir calmly states that sending Prometheus to cover SG-1 is Earth's best hope.

Prometheus launched

Prometheus is launched in support of SG-1.

Meanwhile, in the subterranean hangar in Nevada, Hammond and Walter Harriman arrive aboard the bridge of the Prometheus as the crew prepares to take off. As Hammond sits in the command chair, he greets Colonel Kirkland and orders the ship be launched. The ship's engines are then engaged, and the hangar's roof begins to open.

Meanwhile, aboard the tel'tak, Daniel approaches the pel'tac at which Teal'c and Bra'tac are sitting. He surmises that the modifications O'Neill has made to the transportation rings will allow them to bore a hole through the ice. Daniel then questions how they will evade Anubis' fleet upon arriving at Earth, and Bra'tac replies that they must exit hyperspace just above the atmosphere as to appear on the other side of the armada, but that doing so will leave them very little time to decelerate. As the ship emerges from hyperspace moments later, it is immediately in a nose dive for the surface. Teal'c attempts to pull up, but the ship is unable to do so until the last second, at which point it barely avoids scraping the top of a peak. Upon leveling out, Teal'c asks where to go, prompting O'Neill to stand up and take control of the ship. He pilots it through a narrow crevasse before stopping the ship at a location above a large valley.

Meanwhile, aboard Anubis' mothership, Her'ak informs Anubis that a tel'tak has been detected approaching Earth's southern pole, and forces are sent to intercept.

Ronan's Tel'tak

The Tel'tak burrows a hole through a mile of ice.

As the tel'tak arrives at the location, the ring bay at the underside of the ship begins to open, out of which emerges a powerful and steady beam of energy the same diameter of the ring bay. It begins burrowing into the ice, with a hole beginning to instantly form below the ship. Steam is released in its wake. Upon seeing the mechanism work, O'Neill stands up and runs to the back of the ship. Bra'tac takes his seat and detects several squadrons of Death Gliders and Al'kesh on approach, only thirty seconds out. More ships are then detected approaching from the opposite direction. Carter informs O'Neill that the team is about to 'get their asses kicked', when Bra'tac informs her that the other ships approaching are not Goa'uld.

Battle of Antarctica 7

F-302s arriving on the scene to repel Anubis' Al'kesh and Gliders.

As the team look out the window of the tel'tak, they see a massive fleet of F-302s engaging the Goa'uld gliders around them. As Prometheus comes into view, taking position directly above the tel'tak, Hammond orders that the ship be protected at all costs. He radios SG-1 who, appearing relieved, proceed to the rear of the ship where O'Neill is. As the battle around them continues, several gliders and Al'kesh begin firing on Prometheus. Meanwhile, O'Neill removes the modifications he had made to the transport rings while the team dons their combat gear. They prepare to use the rings to transport into whatever lies beneath them, noting that the ice between them and the rings below needed to first be cleared for the matter beam of the rings to connect.

As the battle progresses, Prometheus begins taking damage to its outer hull and several F-302s begin to expend their ordinance. Kirkland suggests Prometheus break off so the ship's shield may be recharged, but Hammond insists that they hold their position. SG-1 meanwhile gathers on the transport pad, and Bra'tac activates the rings, transporting the team into the structure below.

Upon ringing in, the team find themselves in a dark, vacant structure. They activate their flashlights as they begin to investigate the area. The gentile hum of the ring platform persists for several seconds in the silence.

Outside, the battle persists as Prometheus continues providing cover fire. Bra'tac meanwhile breaks position and pilots the tel'tak to a less exposed location now that SG-1 has departed. On his flagship, Anubis achieves a target lock on Prometheus and orders the ship to be fired upon. Over the ice, Prometheus is now being bombarded by a fierce salvo of fire from Anubis' ship. Shields begin to weaken, with sparks erupting from several bridge consoles under the strain. Hammond orders Erin Gant to set course for Anubis' mothership. As the engines engage, Prometheus begins to climb into the atmosphere against the bombardment.

Antarctic outpost 1

SG-1 investigate the outpost.

SG-1 continues to make their way through the structure. Carter remarks that the facility appears familiar as they approach a device embedded into the wall. O'Neill pauses in front of it, saying "dormata", which Daniel translates to mean 'sleep'. Just then, a whirring noise is heard around the corner. As the team move to investigate, they find themselves face to face with Anubis, who claims to have already captured the power of the Ancients for himself. As the team look on, weapons poised, O'Neill calmly approaches the figure. As he begins to talk, O'Neill reaches his arm through Anubis' face, causing the entire body to disappear, revealing it to be a hologram.

As O'Neill continues to walk forward, a chair platform like the one on Praclarush comes into view. He approaches it, kneeling at the edge of the platform. As he waves his hand across the corner, a small, orange-colored device begins to rise up from the platform like on Praclarush, though this one is not illuminated. Upon witnessing this from across the room, Carter approaches, removing the illuminated power source from her bag and handing it to O'Neill. As O'Neill begins to insert it, the hum of the transportation rings is heard. Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c take defensive positions around the platform as two kull warriors emerge from the transport beam. They begin to exchange fire, with the team quickly incapacitating one of the warriors using the disruptor technology attached to their P-90s. Meanwhile, O'Neill has finished replacing the power source, causing the chair and platform to illuminate as before.

In space, Prometheus, still under massive bombardment from Anubis' mothership, continues its approach. Meanwhile, in the outpost, more kull warriors continue to ring in. SG-1 continues to hold them off while O'Neill sits in the chair.

On Prometheus, shields have failed and all weapons have been expended. Various alarms are heard across the ship as it nears the orbiting Goa'uld fleet. Colonel Kirkland informs Hammond that the ship will not survive another salvo, though Hammond insists they maintain their course, instructing the crew to brace for collision.

Battle of Antarctica 2

Hundreds of Ancient weapons are released.

O'Neill sits back in the chair as it springs to life. As he begins to concentrate, a hole in the ground suddenly opens on the other side of the room before them. A brilliant yellow light emerges from the opening which illuminates the entire room. As the team look on in awe, a massive swarm of bright yellow objects emerges from the opening and begins to race up the shaft carved out by the tel'tak. On the surface, a massive column of the objects stretches into the sky, intercepting and easily destroying a number of nearby death gliders on the way. On the tel'tak, Bra'tac looks at the massive column through the window in astonishment. A feeling of triumph washes over his face as he looks on, smiling.

In the outpost, all is silent again and the weapons have finished being launched. The team begin to approach O'Neill, who is still deep in concentration as he continues controlling the weapons.

Battle of Antarctica

Anubis looks on as his fleet is destroyed.

In space, Prometheus is moments away from colliding with Anubis' mothership as the column begins to make its way out of the atmosphere, quickly coming up directly behind Prometheus. Just as it seems they're about to hit, the column is deflected around the ship, diverging into several smaller paths, many of which begin to violently impact the Hull of Anubis' flagship. As Prometheus breaks off course, the weapons continue to bombard the flagship's hull, completely bypassing the ship's shields, with every other ship in Anubis fleet being simultaneously attacked. Anubis stands at the window of his ship, looking out as ship after ship is obliterated, and sees a salvo of the weapons heading directly toward him. He begins to scream "NO!" as the weapons impact the window, with the entire ship going up moments later in a brilliant blue explosion.

On Prometheus, upon witnessing the explosion, Kirkland emphatically exclaims 'What was that?', to which Hammond triumphantly replies 'That was SG-1". In the SGC, Dr. Weir stands in the control room as she listens to the battle being described over the radio. President Hayes meanwhile sits at his desk in the oval office listening to the same transmission, appearing relieved.

Lost City, Part 2 5

Hammond briefing the President on the outcome of the battle.

In the outpost, O'Neill begins to lose consciousness as his head slumps to the side and the chair deactivates. Carter rushes toward him, demanding he stay awake now that they've won the battle, but he appears unresponsive.

On Prometheus, Hayes makes contact with Hammond, who informs him that Anubis has been defeated and the threat to Earth has been eliminated. Hayes expresses his thanks to Hammond, both men appearing relieved by the outcome.

In the outpost, Carter makes an impassioned plea for Jack to wake up. He begins to move his mouth, stating "dormata". The team realize he's referring to the device they found earlier. They help him out of the chair and carry him to the device. As Teal'c places him inside, the device illuminates in response to his presence. When the team question what to do now, O'Neill simply replies 'goodbye' in Ancient. The device then activates, projecting a clear, ice-like substance over the pod, completely enveloping O'Neill. As the substance solidifies and the device powers down, the team realize that it is a stasis pod, and look on at O'Neill, now completely motionless in the pod.

Lost City, Part 2

Jack, motionless in the stasis pod.

Carter, now highly emotional, exclaims that there must be something in the outpost capable of reversing what the Ancient repository did to O'Neill. Daniel however notes that the structure they are is far too small to be the Lost City, instead bearing more resemblance to the outpost on Taonas. The team appears shocked at the revelation that they have not yet found the Lost City, and question where it could then be. As the team look on at O'Neill, Carter approaches the pod, gently touching it with her hand, longing for O'Neill. The frozen O'Neill simply stares out at her, motionless.


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Notable quotes[]

Jackson: "Sphere"; planet. "Label"; name.
O'Neill: Following, still, you, not!

Carter: The clue for seven down is "celestial body", and he wrote "Uma Thurman".
O'Neill: (blush) Yes.

O'Neill: At.
Carter: What?
O'Neill: At.
Jackson: This?
O'Neill: That.
Jackson: That is "At"?
O'Neill: You can stop... that.

Jackson: What if the Ancients had symbols that could be spoken aloud. Praclarush Taonas is not just the name of the planet. It's also the gate address.

Weir: Well, have you got everything you need? I think there's still a sink in the kitchen.
O'Neill: Was that a joke?
Weir: Perhaps... a bad one.
O'Neill: Yes, very bad. But I sense hope for you.

(Carter resumes command of SG-1 after O'Neill resigns his post as leader and they arrive of Taonas)
Carter: Sit down and take a look. (O'Neill looks at her. Carter acts brusquely.) That's an order.

(After Ronan stabs Bra'tac in the abdomen)
Bra'tac: I am betrayed.
Ronan: You are the betrayer, of your one true god, Anubis!

(A hologram of Anubis appears in the Oval Office)
Anubis: I am Anubis.
Hayes: You've got to be kidding.
Anubis: You are the leader of this world?
Hayes: Henry Hayes, President of the United States of America, one nation among many.
Anubis: No more. Bow before your god.
Hayes: I don't think so. However, I am willing to discuss your surrender.
Anubis: If you possessed weapons matching mine, you would have used them.
Hayes: Don't let the suit fool you, fella. We're gonna fight.
Anubis: You bring destruction upon yourselves.
Hayes: Never going to happen! (the hologram disappears. Hayes tells the people in the room...) Too much?

(Weir and Kinsey are arguing over the phone with the President, who has enough of this)
Hayes: Will you shut the hell up!?
Weir: I'm sorry, sir.
Hayes: Not you, Doctor.
Kinsey: Excuse me?
Hayes: Consider your resignation accepted, Bob.
Kinsey: You can't do that!
Hayes: Oh please, I got enough on you to have you shot!
Kinsey: This is the biggest mistake you will ever make.
Hayes: But I think I'll stick with my original thought, which is shut the hell up!

Teal'c: Anubis could not have missed our arrival.
Bra'tac: You are correct. Al'kesh and gliders approach. Many.
(Cut to the outside with the hovering shuttle boring through the ice with a white hot beam. In the distance a large swarm of gliders and several Alkesh bear down upon the shuttle.)
Bra'tac: They will be in firing range in thirty seconds. More ships approach from the opposite direction.
Carter: (turning to the back of the shuttle's cargo bay where O'Neill is) Sir! We are about to get our as...
Bra'tac: They are NOT Goa'uld.
(Outside the swarm of Goa'uld ships fly in a tight formation when suddenly two missiles hit one of the Al'kesh blowing it from the sky. More missiles hit, blowing apart gliders and Al'kesh as several squadrons of F-302 fighters intercept the Goa'uld ships bringing them down all around the shuttle. Behind the fighters the massive Prometheus,its weapons blazing in all directions, slides over the shuttle shielding it from further attacks.)
Hammond: Protect that scout ship at all costs!

Her'ak: Our shields are of no use.
(Anubis is flinching in horror, reacting to the destruction of his fleet)
Anubis: NOOOOO!

(Kirkland's voice describes the destruction of Anubis' fleet)
Kirkland: Thousands of bright yellow, I don't know, they're coming from the surface. I don't know what they are. They're cutting the enemy fleet to shreds! My God, it's beautiful!


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • As per the DVD commentary, the dome on Praclarush was originally intended to crumble as a result of the Tel'tak bumping into it. This would have happened during the fight scene between Bra'tac and Ronan, during which no one was at the ship's controls. However, due to time and production costs, it was changed to that the transportation rings instead caused the structure's collapse.
  • The Kull warriors ringing into the outpost near the end of the episode was a last minute addition created to add more tension. Furthermore, only two were originally intended to appear so only two were actually filmed. The remaining Kull that ring down are actually the original two filmed from different camera angles to give the illusion that more ringed down.
  • In this episode a full thirty Ha'tak ships are destroyed by SG-1 (in this case, O'Neill alone). This makes the total count of Ha'tak destroyed since Stargate Command's inception sixty-four.
  • The voice-over of the man describing the destruction of the fleet is played again in "Avalon, Part 1".
  • This episode is the final 22nd episode of any Stargate SG-1 season. In all subsequent seasons, there are 20 episodes total.
  • This is the last episode to feature Don S. Davis as a part of the main cast. Starting in season 8, Major General George S. Hammond would only appear again in a handful of episodes as Davis quit working on the show full-time due to continuing health problems.


  • When Secret Service agents shoot at a hologram of Anubis, they release a hail of bullets, yet cause no damage to the furniture and the room - namely the president's desk, the windows and the curtains behind it are completely undamaged.
  • At the end of the scene where Anubis dials into the Earth stargate while Robert Kinsey is attempting to leave to the Alpha site, the audio for something transiting through a stargate can be breifly heard as Dr. Elizabeth Weir leaves the gateroom (despite the iris being up at the time).
  • In the DVD commentary, the producers admitted that the name "Praclarush Taonas" meaning "lost in fire" was a slightly illogical choice. Because the name is tied to the gate address, the Ancients would have had to name the planet upon first colonizing it. Why, then, would they name a perfectly habitable planet "lost in fire".


Other languages[]

  • French: La Cité Perdue (2ème partie) (The Lost City (part 2))
  • Italian: Città Perduta (Parte 2) (Lost City (part 2))
  • Spanish: La Ciudad Perdida (Parte 2) (The Lost City (part 2))
  • Czech: Ztracené město (2. část) (The Lost City (part 2))
  • German: Die Verlorene Stadt, Teil 2 (The Lost City, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Az elveszett város (The Lost City (part 2))

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