Loran is a 15-year-old Human from an advanced planet.


Background informationEdit

Loran was born on another planet, and is the son of two scientists. When he was younger, his dad gave him a toy gun as a birthday present. A few years before he met SG-1 he visited P4X-347 with his parents. His parents noticed a light machine in an abandoned Goa'uld Pleasure Palace on P4X-347. His parents spent days in the room, and he brought food for them. The light did not seem to affect Loran; his father told him he was too young. In an attempt to free his parents from the machine he stopped bringing them food. After a few days they could not bear the hunger any longer and were forced to leave the room. Loran sneaked into the room and turned off the machine. Because of the withdrawal his parents became mad and ran out to the beach. They swam out and drowned themselves. Loran tried to stop them by turning the machine on but it was too late. The next day, Loran found his parents on the shore, and he buried them on the beach. He was alone on P4X-347 from then on. (SG1: "The Light")


Years passed and when SG-5 came to 347 by Stargate as he hid himself. He was then found by SG-1, when they traveled to the planet to search for answers why Dr. Daniel Jackson and SG-5 were dying. And with the help Loran got them off the machine, secure the weaning of the narcotic influences. So after the two to three weeks spent on the planet with Loran it was safe for the SG-1 to return to Earth again. Loran came with them to Earth and his current life on Earth is unknown. (SG1: "The Light")

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