The Loop of Kon Garat is an annual event on Hebridan. Each year, several teams compete with their spaceships in this Loop. The race is sponsored by the largest corporation on the planet, Tech Con Group.


The map of the loop.


A ship participating in the loop.

The Loop consists of 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: In the first stage, the defensive capabilities of the spacecraft are tested. The ships are being fired upon by Space race drones which can detect movement. The cannons will only stop firing at a ship when the ship is disabled, or when the cannon is destroyed by one of the participants.
  • Stage 2: Here, the spaceships will fly through the corona of the Star Hebridan orbits. It is crucial to plot your course very carefully, so navigation skills are required in this stage.
  • Stage 3: The maneuverability of the spacecraft is tested during a course through an asteroid field. Asteroids in sizes ranging from minor shards to large buildings are to be evaded.
  • Stage 4: During the entire race, but especially during the fourth stage, speed is very important. The last stage is just an almost-straight line towards the finish.

The pilot who crosses the finish first, and with an intact spaceship, wins the Loop and is awarded a lucrative contract with Tech Con's deep space explorations project.

In 2003, Major Samantha Carter was the first alien to compete in the Loop. She was introduced by Warrick Finn. The winner that year was La'el Montrose. Although Finn and Carter did not win the race, she had a very good time competing with the others. Carter would express determination in participating the next year. (SG1: "Space Race")

  • Although it's not certain if employees of Tech Con were allowed to compete, there was no rule preventing relatives of an employee from competing.
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