Locust was a Wraith Commander and the leader of an alliance that was a rival to Guide's.



In 2008, Locust dispatched one of his hive ships to cull a planet in the territory of another alliance. Led by Queen Steelflower, the rival alliance's flagship engaged the hive ship Locust sent in battle. With the aid of a Lantean Puddle Jumper, Queen Steelflower's hive ship destroyed the hive ship sent by Locust. (SGA: "The Queen")


In 2009, after having been turned into a Wraith named Quicksilver, Doctor Rodney McKay overheard a conversation between three Wraith about Queen Steelflower. One of the Wraith, while describing how beautiful Queen Steelflower was, told Ardent how Queen Steelflower took out one of Locust's hives without quarter that had trespassed upon her feeding grounds. Ardent suggested that the story was probably exaggerated and it was more than likely Guide who defeated Locust's hive ship, not Queen Steelflower. (SGA: "The Lost")

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