Name Host Rank Status First Mention Played by
Name Unknown Adrian Conrad/Frank Simmons Minor Goa'uld Killed by Jack O'Neill "Desperate Measures" Bill Marchant/John de Lancie
Charles Kawalsky Unknown Killed by Teal'c/Walter Harriman "Children of the Gods" Jay Acovone
Amaterasu System Lord Unknown "New Order, Part 1" Kira Clavell
Amaunet Sha're Queen Killed by Teal'c "Children of the Gods" Vaitiare Bandera
Apophis's queen. Mother of Shifu.
Anubis None System Lord Stopped by Oma Desala by trapping him in an eternal fight. "Revelations" David Palffy
Dean Aylesworth
Rik Kiviaho
George Dzundza
Banished for crimes deemed "unspeakable". Partially Ascended
Apophis Name Unknown (Ancient Egyptian) System Lord Deceased "Children of the Gods" Peter Williams
Personal enemy of SG-1
Ares System Lord Killed by Jack O'Neil "It's Good to Be King"
Asarluhi Unknown Killed by Ashrak "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords" None
Ba'al Unknown/Adria System Lord Killed by Col. Mitchell "Summit" Cliff Simon / Morena Baccarin

In (SG1: "Dominion"), attempting to gain power Ba'al took over Adria, the Orici, as host, but was removed from her body by the Tok'ra.

In another time line (Stargate: Continuum)- Last of the System Lords, Attempted to Change the Past by destroying Earth's Stargate in 1939, Ba'al was killed in 1939 by Col. Cameron Mitchell.

Bastet System Lord Deceased "Summit" Natasha Khadr
Belus Unknown "Fire and Water"
Bynarr Lord of Netu Killed by Apophis "Jolinar's Memories" Bob Dawson
Served Sokar. Commanded the prison moon of Netu.
Camulus Once a System Lord Turned over to and killed by Ba'al "New Order, Part 1" Steve Bacic
Defected to Stargate Command after his army was destroyed by Anubis.
Cronus System Lord Killed by a robot resembling Teal'c "Fair Game" Ron Halder
Grannus Killed by his own Jaffa "The Ties That Bind" Unplayed
Camulus' lieutenant. Still worshipped by fanatical followers. One of Vala Mal Doran's acquaintances, a smuggler, was forced to pretend to be a monk of Grannus after being stranded on one of Grannus' planets.
Hathor Queen Killed by O'Neill "Hathor" Suanne Braun
Former queen of Ra.
Heru'ur System Lord Killed by Apophis "Thor's Chariot" Douglas H. Arthurs
Ra and Hathor's son.
Imhotep Minor Goa'uld Killed by Teal'c "The Warrior" Rick Worthy
Ishkur System Lord "Babylon" Unplayed
Former ruler of the Sodan.
Isis Queen Deceased "The Curse"
Osiris' queen. Imprisoned within a canopic jar by Seth. Killed when the jar was damaged en route to America.
Ja'din Minor Goa'uld Killed by the Carter Android "Double Jeopardy" Belinda Waymouth
Servant of Cronus
Kali System Lord "Summit" Suleka Mathew
Klorel Skaara Separated from his host, returned to a Goa'uld planet, whereabouts unknown "Children of the Gods" Alexis Cruz
Apophis' "son".
Name Unknown Kianna Cyr Killed by exposure to noxious gases "Fallout" Emily Holmes
Sent by Ba'al to Kelowna to discover why Anubis was interested in the planet. But she found the humans, and Jonas Quinn in particular, so interesting that she betrayed Ba'al to help them. In the end, she sacrificed herself so Kianna would survive.
Marduk Major Vallarin System Lord Killed by SG-1 "The Tomb" Alexander Kalugin
Imprisoned inside a sarcophagus by his own priests for thousands of years. Accidentally freed by a Russian team.
Moloc Killed by Stargate Command by dropping a cruise missile on him. "Sacrifices" Royston Innes
Originally dominant over Ishta's clans.
Montu Minor Goa'uld "Origin"
Served Ra and Ba'al.
Morrigan System Lord "Summit" Bonnie Kilroe
Mot Shot by Natania "Prophecy" Victor Talmadge
Served Ba'al and tried to overthrow him.
Nefertum "New Ground"
Sekhmet's son. Worshipped by the Bedrosians.
Nerus Scientist Believed deceased "Beachhead" Maury Chaykin
Worked for Ba'al as a scientist. Discovered how to dial all Stargates in the galaxy at once. Lured SG-1 into an Ori trap. Killed by Ba'al.
Nirrti Once a System Lord Killed by her own test subjects "Fair Game" Jacqueline Samuda
Olokun System Lord Deceased "Summit" Kwesi Ameyaw
Osiris Sarah Gardner Formerly System Lord Extracted from his host; either dead or being studied at Area 51 "The Curse" Anna-Louise Plowman
Pelops "Brief Candle"
Qetesh Vala Mal Doran Extracted from her host and killed "The Powers That Be" Claudia Black
Ra Name Unknown (Ancient Egyptian) Supreme System Lord Killed by Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson Stargate Jaye Davidson
Supreme System Lord of the Goa'uld Empire. First to discover the Tau'ri.
Ramius Minor Goa'uld Killed by a Kull "Evolution, Part 1" Sean Whale
Sekhmet Deceased "Resurrection" Kristen Dalton
Once served Ra. Her DNA was used by the NID to create the Goa'uld/human hybrid Anna.
Sethesh Killed by Samantha Carter wielding a hand device
Brother and enemy of Osiris. Placed Osiris and Isis in stasis jars. Rebelled unsuccessfully against Ra. Hid on Earth and became marooned when the Stargate was buried. Leader of several cults in the past 5000 years.
Shak'ran "Cure"
Defeated by Apophis.
Sobek Decapitated by Bastet and Kali "Summit"
Sokar Once a System Lord Deceased "Serpent's Song" David Palffy
Name Unknown Steven Caldwell Minor Goa'uld operative Extracted from Steven Caldwell "Critical Mass" Mitch Pileggi
Svarog System Lord Fate Unknown, presumed dead "Summit"
Tanith Hebron Killed by Teal'c "Crossroads" Peter Wingfield
Infiltrated the Tok'ra as a spy. Served Apophis and Anubis.
Telchak "Evolution, Part 1"
Developed the Sarcophagus technology.
Terok Deceased "The Serpent's Venom" Paul Koslo
Served Heru'ur. Expert in torture.
Thanos Fate Unknown, most likely killed in lab accident "Fallout"
Once occupied Langara. Made naquadria.
Thoth Killed by Carter "Evolution, Part 2" Ian Marsh
Served Anubis. Oversaw the Kull Warriors.
Tilgath Minor Goa'uld Killed by a super-soldier "Evolution, Part 1"
He served Hathor at her secret base, trying to lure SG-1.
Yu System Lord Killed by Replicator Carter "Fair Game" Vince Crestejo
Zipacna Underlord Fate Unknown "Pretense" Kevin Durand

Worked for Apophis, Klorel and Anubis. Argued Klorel's case in Tollan Triad. Commanded Goa'uld assault on the Tok'ra base on Revanna. Possibly based on the Mayan god Zipacna.

We also have the Tok'ra Queen Egeria, now deceased, who no longer is considered as a Goa'uld. Other Tok'ra are:

  • Khonsu - Servant of Anubis, Tok'ra under-cover agent
  • Both Teal'c's symbiotes were named Junior, but never had a known host.