Dr. Lisa Park is a female Tau'ri scientist, who was assigned to the Icarus Base in 2009.


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Park has both surviving parents and at least two brothers. Her father left when she was in fourth grade. When she was thirteen years old, she experienced at least one earthquake. In this incident, she cut both her feet from broken glass, and has never liked experiencing earthquakes since that time. At some point in her life, she had a boyfriend, Gary, while she was working in the Stargate program. Though the relationship had difficulties, she believed that they had set aside their differences and their relationship was going well. She is also a vegetarian.[1] (SGU: "Darkness", "The Hunt") (Kino: "Painful Moments", "Not Just For Posterity")


In 2009, she was stationed at Icarus Base. She and roughly 80 people were forced to evacuate Icarus Base during an attack against the base by three Ha'tak vessels. She ended up on the Destiny, an Ancient spaceship located several billion light years from Earth. One of her first duties on the ship was to help Dr. Nicholas Rush repair the failing life support system. She worked alongside Dr. Adam Brody. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2")

Lisa Park kino rant

Park leaves a Kino message.

After her arrival on Destiny, she worked on studying the ship's systems until they were ordered to halt as the ship was low on power. She was part of a group that cornered Eli Wallace on the Observation deck about being kept of the loop when the ship lost power. She was on the observation deck when Destiny passed Big Bertha. Her name was among the 15 picked in a lottery to evacuate the ship when it was on a collision course with the star. Fortunately, the ship was only refueling and the Ancient shuttle returned. (SGU: "Darkness", "Light")

Park later participated in a group to repair some of the worn out Ancient environmental suits. She and the team were able to repair two by the time Destiny was within range of "Hoth", a toxic ice planet capable of replenishing the ship's water supply. (SGU: "Water")

After Sgt. Hunter Riley was seriously injured in an accident on the ship, she attempted to console Dr. Adam Brody, who blamed Colonel David Telford's command for the injury. (SGU: "Earth", "All Telford's Fault")

Due to the stresses of her new life on board the ship, she used sex as a means of relieving it. She was able to have such encounters with Cpl. Rivers, MSgt. Ronald Greer, Cpl. Marsden, and Airman Dunning. In one instance, she inadvertently had the encounter recorded on a Kino whilst she recorded a message to Gary and her family. (SGU: "Life", "Not Just For Posterity")

Some time later, she was in Control interface room when Dr. Nicholas Rush discovered something interesting in the Destiny database. (SGU: "Life")

When MSgt. Ronald Greer found Sgt. Spencer dead in his quarters, she became one of the suspects. However, she was playing cards with Eli Wallace, Dr. Adam Brody, Lt. Matthew Scott and Lt. Vanessa James at the time of Spencer's death, so she had an alibi. She sat in the trial of Colonel Everett Young. (SGU: "Justice")

A few weeks later, she was in the Hydroponics lab with Dr. Dale Volker, Dr. Adam Brody and some other civilians. She was there and debated whether it was time for them to take control of the ship. She was in the Observation deck when a Nakai mothership attacked Destiny. During the battle, she left the observation deck with a second civilian, and during the battle, she was in the medical center helping Lt. Tamara Johansen take care of the injured. After the battle, she was in the control room with Brody and Dr. Nicholas Rush and helped to repair the damage. (SGU: "Space")

The day after the attack on Destiny she was with the civilians when they mutinied against the military personnel on board. She was with the civilians that encountered and imprisoned Airman Dunning and Lt. Tamara Johansen. And after that Destiny fled from the three Nakai motherships, she was present when Colonel Everett Young ordered the civilians back to their quarters. (SGU: "Divided")

A few weeks later, she helped Dr. Adam Brody partially repair the damaged Ancient shuttle. (SGU: "Faith")

During the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, she worked with Dr. Nicholas Rush, Dr. Adam Brody, and Dr. Dale Volker to figure out the cause of the power failure. Later, she was sent to an Unnamed planet with the rest of the expedition. (SGU: "Incursion, Part 1", "Incursion, Part 2", "Intervention")

Shortly after her return to Destiny, she was part of a team that was sent to an unnamed planet in the Ancient shuttle to replenish the food and water supply. During reentry the shuttle lost power and crashed on the planet. After Lt. Matthew Scott and the rest of the team unburied the Stargate, she returned to Destiny. (SGU: "Aftermath")

When Camile Wray made arragements with the International Oversight Advisory to allow Marian Wallace to see her son in person so that she would be encouraged to focus on her treatment, Park served as Marian's host when she used the Long-range communication device to visit her son on Destiny. (SGU: "Pathogen")

Lisa in shock

Lisa in shock after explosion

When the expedition traveled to a damaged and abandoned future version of Destiny to salvage components from the future ship to repair their version, Park spent her time on board working with the two versions of Dr. Nicholas Rush- the alternate Dr. Nicholas Rush having been the sole survivor of the future ship-, noting that the experience of working alongside themselves must be strange for the two men, although the Rushes only briefly agreed with her comment before returning to their work. (SGU: "Twin Destinies")


Park bandages

Dr. Park still suffering from blindness

Park volunteered to remain aboard Destiny while it executed a dangerous refueling operation inside a Blue supergiant. Her goal was to salvage medicinal plants for Lt. Tamara Johansen as the plants in the garden would immolate due to the star's intense heat. She was sealed in by the ships computer and was forced to immerse herself in the dome's collecting pool. When the dome breached she retained half of the plants she collected but lost her eyesight as a result of the accident. Dr. Nicholas Rush hoped it was flash blindness and would be temporary. Her eyesight didn't recover before the crew had to enter the Stasis pods. (SGU: "Blockade", "Gauntlet")

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Greer and Lisa

Elderly Greer and Lisa talking, recorded on kino.

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