"The link contains the sum total of our knowledge and wisdom. All our history, our culture, our science ... everything."
―Council woman[src]

The Link, a neural interface with a large archive of knowledge, worked on the planet P3X-289 as a guard over the population against the toxic environment on the planet.


The link serves as the main controlling computer which controls practically everything inside the Dome. It holds up the shield and projects a holographic image at the inside of it, so that the people get the illusion of a never ending landscape. It also controls all the resources and activities inside the dome, from energy to food. The Link also serves as a giant database, giving the inhabitants access to the whole knowledge of the species. However the Link also controlled the people's minds and every time a person disappeared it erased the person from the other people's minds. This is so because the computer is programmed to maintain the community. The Link itself could be controlled in a big room under the city and there was always a technician who maintains the system. (SG1: "Revisions")


When the technology of the planet designated by Stargate Command P3X-289 destroyed the environment of the planet and made it uninhabitable, its inhabitants created the Link, which would give them a livable place. Not only would it control the resources, it was also a giant database which gave the inhabitants access to all info of their planet. At first the Dome, created by the Link, held 100,000 people but then energy became rarer and rarer, and the dome became smaller. To save the people, the Link, who was in contact with the minds of all the people living inside the dome, every time the dome became smaller, made some people leave the dome, which killed them. These people who left were erased from the minds of the other inhabitants.

When SG-1 makes contact with the people on the planet, 400 years have passed and from the former 100,000 inhabitants there are now only a few hundred. During the researches of the SG team several people disappear and strange things happen with the people. They forget something that happened only a few hours or days ago and also they become afraid of removing their device which makes contact with the Link. SG-1 finally finds out what is happening and that the dome becomes smaller and smaller but the Link starts to control the people so that they nearly become enemies for SG-1. Fortunately, Major Samantha Carter and Doctor Daniel Jackson were able to convince Pallan, the current technician who maintains the system, that the Link was a threat when Daniel discovered the initial paper plans for the Dome, which indicated its original size rather than the small scale it had been reduced to. With Pallan's aid, SG-1 were able to shut down the Link, and the people on the planet are relocated to another world. (SG1: "Revisions")

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