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"Like a Hug" is the twenty-sixth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Lt. Tamara Johansen and Dr. Lisa Park discuss Dr. Nicholas Rush's relationship with Dr. Amanda Perry.


Sometime after Lt. Tamara Johansen walked in on Dr. Nicholas Rush and Dr. Amanda Perry hugging in her quarters, a Kino spots her gossiping with Dr. Lisa Park. Park asks TJ what she saw and TJ describes it as "a hug, an embrace." Park suggests that it was innocent and that Rush was just comforting Perry, but TJ believes it to be more and questions their use of Camile Wray's body.

Park reminds TJ that Camile signed a waiver to use the long-range communication device (something every user is required to do), but if TJ still thinks it's wrong, she should ask Rush to tell Camile what happened. TJ hesitates because she doesn't like talking to Rush. She mentions that it shocked her to see them embrace, because Rush "doesn't seem like the comforting type." Both TJ and Park are curious what Perry could possibly see in Rush.


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  • This is a sequel to the episode "Sabotage".

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