Levanna was a planet in the Pegasus galaxy which has a Stargate. The planet is one of the worlds Satedans have settled on after the destruction of their civilization on Sateda. Near the Stargate there is a sentry post and an inn, as well as the capital city of Levanna. Levanna has at least two moons, one larger than the other.


In 1998 a few Satedans came to Levanna after Sateda fell to the Wraith. The king of Levanna let them stay, although there was a revolution and he was executed. The Levannans are a peaceful people who trade with other worlds, among them the Athosians. In 2009 the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team came to Levanna to warn the inhabitants of Death's plan to cull and attack the planet, much like Manaria. The Genii, Satedans and Tau'ri managed to prevent the Wraith from culling the planet. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

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