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"Legacy" is the fourth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Daniel Jackson has hallucinations and is soon diagnosed with schizophrenia, possibly due to excessive Stargate travel. It is not, however, schizophrenia but a Goa'uld killing device belonging to the late Ma'chello, which eventually transmits itself to Teal'c.


On the planet PY3-948, SG-1 comes upon a closed chamber. Upon opening it, they discover the dead bodies of the Linvris, a group of nine lesser Goa'uld who fought against the System Lords. However the cause of their death is unclear. Dr. Daniel Jackson looks at a Goa'uld tablet that one is holding and then takes it and a Page turning device for it back to Earth.

Back at Stargate Command, Jackson suddenly starts having hallucinations. At first, he sees a member of an SG team as a Linvris and later he sees one of the dead bodies of the Linvris coming out of an activated Stargate in his closet. However, Dr. Janet Fraiser can't find anything physically wrong with him, and relieves him of duty, suspecting that he is developing hebephrenic schizophrenia (it is even believed that the cause for this may be the Stargate itself). While playing cards with Colonel Jack O'Neill, Jackson suddenly sees a Goa'uld sneak up and then implant itself in O'Neill. Panicked, Jackson jumps on his friend and tries to stop the symbiote. This final outbreak causes Jackson to be sent into a nearby mental hospital, where he spends the next few days in a white cell, still having hallucinations.

Sometime later the rest of SG-1 visits him, shocked at what is happening to their former comrade. During their visit, Jackson sees a Linvris walk into his cell and tries to attack it, but is stopped by Teal'c. However, when he comes in contact with Teal'c, he sees a small, glowing blue thing climb out of him and into the Jaffa. However, when he says this, it is thought to be just another hallucination. He is then stunned, and as he collapses, he says the name "Ma'chello."

Later Teal'c suddenly falls ill. His symbiote is dying, so there is no help for him. Daniel in the meantime begins to recover and decides that the cause of his insanity is a Goa'uld killing weapon designed by Ma'chello, with whom SG-1 came into contact earlier (see "Holiday"). He tries to explain this to Dr. James MacKenzie, the leading psychologist of the hospital, who naturally believes that Jackson is still hallucinating. Jackson then challenges MacKenzie to find out if Teal'c is sick. When MacKenzie discovers that Jackson is right, he releases Jackson back to the SGC.

One of the tablets similar to the one found on PY3-948 is brought to the SGC from Area 51 (where all of Ma'chello's weapons were stored) in hopes of finding a cure. However, when the device is activated, the ten blue things inside it emerge, break out of containment, and infect Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Fraiser and O'Neill. While Dr. Fraiser and O'Neill start to suffer the effect of the weapon very quickly (since they were infected with three of the beings), the weapons inside Carter fall out and die, as she has a protein marker leftover from when she was blended with the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur. With Dr. Fraiser's help she uses some of the proteins from her blood to create an antidote, which is able to fool the weapons. The creation is injected into Dr. Fraiser and O'Neill, then into Teal'c, and all of the weapons die.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: Hello.
Jackson: Hello.
O'Neill: What happened?
Jackson: Do you believe in ghosts?
O'Neill: Uh… no.
Jackson: Well, neither do I. Which means there has to be a logical explanation.
O'Neill: For what?
Jackson: When we were in the Linvris chamber, I felt something brush by me. And I've heard voices. And I keep seeing the dead Goa'uld from the massacre.
O'Neill: Where?
Jackson: Well last night they were in my closet, in like a… Stargate event horizon without the Gate.
O'Neill: In your closet?
Jackson: Yes. I don't think they're really dead.
O'Neill: Who? The stiffs in the morgue?
Jackson: No, the nine Goa'uld that were using them as hosts. I translated a phrase on that tablet that I thought meant attack, but when I refined the translation I realized it means to enter by infiltration.
O'Neill: And you think that's what they're doing?
Jackson: Yes.
O'Neill: Through your closet?
Jackson: Teal'c said the Linvris were being hunted by the System Lords, right? Now what if they used some sort of technology to transform their bodies into… I don't know, energy… or something.
O'Neill: Energy?
Jackson: Or something. I don't know exactly how. Sam can figure that part out. The point is, they're here. They've entered by infiltration, and now they want me as a host.
O'Neill: All nine of them?
Jackson: That sounds crazy, huh?
O'Neill: Mm... yeah. You gotta admit there are some holes in your theory here.
Jackson: Well it's a theory, not a proof.
O'Neill: Why are you the only one that can see them? Why didn't they come through my closet? Aside from the fact that yours is cleaner.
Jackson: I don't know. The only other theory I can come up with is that I'm having some sort of nervous breakdown. Heh heh.
O'Neill: Or something.

Jackson: I don't feel off. I feel fine. No headaches, no tension. I feel... normal.
O'Neill: That's because it was just stress. And I have a very calming effect on stressed out people. How about a game of gin?
Jackson: I'm not very good at Gin.
O'Neill: Good! Get the cards.

O'Neill: You all right?
Jackson: (looking to the Goa'uld in O'Neill's arm) I'm fine. How are you feeling?
(the Goa'uld slides up O'Neill's arm and jumps into his neck)
O'Neill: Good. Real good.
Jackson: (jumps on O'Neill's back) There's a Goa'uld in you! I've gotta get it out!
O'Neill: Get... there's no Goa'uld in me!
Jackson: I'm sorry. I saw it…I saw it.

Jackson: I saw something come out of me and go into Teal'c. And then I heard Machello's voice.
O'Neill: Ah... Machello?
Jackson: Just, just hear me out. I'm guessing it wasn't actually Machello. It was probably some sort of technological or organic recording. And it said something about delivering Machello to the Goa'uld. Which made me start thinking. Maybe I had some sort of... Goa'uld-killing invention inside of me. One of Machello's inventions.
O'Neill: And that's what made you... nuts?
Jackson: Well since I don't have a Goa'uld the side effect of his invention must make normal people act like they're...
O'Neill: Nuts.
Jackson: Schizophrenic. Look, Teal'c is sick, right?
O'Neill: Right.
Jackson: Well, he does have a Goa'uld.

O'Neill: Is there anything we can do from in here?
Fraiser: Nothing, Colonel. All the specimens are inside us. And since we're infected with multiple organisms we can expect our symptoms to be rapidly acute.
O'Neill: I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say or do that could be construed as offensive as I slowly go nuts!
Fraiser: Likewise, Colonel.


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  • Jackson voiced his being convinced that the Goa'uld that previously inhabited the corpses were still alive, having left the bodies and transformed themselves into a "form of energy." This could possibly be the second reference to Ascension to appear much earlier on in the series (in "The Fifth Race", a member of the Asgard on Othala told Colonel Jack O'Neill that the Ancients had "since moved on from their region of space," although Ascension wasn't implied).
  • Stargate Command returned to Tonnem after Ma'chello's death and collected all of his inventions and technology, crating them off to storage at Area 51 on Earth. It is unknown whether any of the devices have yet been examined or studied.


  • When discussing Dr. Daniel Jackson's condition, Dr. Janet Fraiser states that schizophrenia is genetic and that "there is no history of it in Daniel's family." It is later learned in season 3's "Crystal Skull" that Jackson's grandfather, Dr. Nicholas Ballard had been committed to a psychiatric institution since before 1995. However, his commitment was self-imposed due to a mental breakdown after his experience with the Crystal skull, and no diagnosis of Schizophrenia was indicated. [then how is this a goof?]
  • When Major Samantha Carter runs her blood sample through the centrifuge, she only puts one tube into the centrifuge. Centrifuges must be balanced with an equal-weight sample on the opposite side when spinning.
  • Jackson states Carter has 4 of the creatures inside of her, and 4 do fall out of her ear, but only 3 of them are seen passing through her glove.
  • At the beginning of the episode one of the Goa'uld corpses blinks.

Other languages[]

  • French: Héritage (Legacy)
  • German: Besessen (Possessed)
  • Italian: L'eredità (Legacy)
  • Spanish: Legado (Legacy)
  • Czech: Machellův odkaz (Ma'chello's Legacy)
  • Hungarian: Hagyaték (Legacy)
  • Russian: Прощальный подарок (The gift of good-bye)

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