Leda Kane was a native Tegalan from the planet Tegalus. She was the wife of Jared Kane, a member of the Rand Protectorate government. She lived in her late uncle's home, far away from the city.



After Dr. Daniel Jackson was trapped on Tegalus, after war broke out between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation, she was told to tender an injured Jackson. The two quickly grew very close, and Jared noticed that she had feelings for him, but she assured him that it was only feelings, and that nothing else is going on between them. She managed to have convinced Jared to help Jackson return to Earth despite the fact that the Stargate was being controlled by Soren. However, a group of Soren's forces stormed her home. While the group hid, Leda made up a cover story, saying she just wanted to live in peace. After the men bought the story and left, Kane's men left to take back control of the underground bunker. (SG1: "Icon")


Over the next year, her planet was recovering, when her people received a visit from a Prior of the Ori, who offered to help Rand wipe out the Caledonians, their enemy. However, when they were making their mind up, the Prior unleashed a plague, when they questioned the Ori's will. Those who believed, would be cured. However, Leda refused to believe in the Ori, so she was struck with the plague, and later died. (SG1: "Ethon")

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