"What I am is not a disease you can cure."

Lastlight,[6] known more commonly by the name given to him by the Tau'ri of Atlantis, Michael Kenmore, or often simply as Michael, was a Human-Wraith Hybrid who was transformed from a Wraith into a Human by the crew of the Atlantis expedition using the Iratus bug retrovirus. The name was given to him by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, but everyone, including other Wraith and Hybrids, call him by this name.


Background information[]

Lastlight started his life as a member of the hive ship of Highcloud, a powerful Wraith Queen. He was a warrior but with the mind of a scientist and grew to be highly ranked amongst his hive for over a hundred years. Eventually, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team came to the feeding grounds of his hive and Lastlight was sent to repel them but instead they fell into a trap and the Wraith were forced to flee. Lastlight was badly wounded and his cruiser was forced to abandon him, but as he had recently fed, he survived his wounds and was taken captive by the Atlantis expedition to be a test subject for the Iratus bug retrovirus. (SGA: "Allegiance")


Michael Kenmore

Michael Kenmore as a human

Lastlight 1

Lastlight in his original Wraith form.

The transformation was made possible by using an Iratus bug retrovirus developed by Dr. Carson Beckett and his team. The drug suppresses the Iratus bug DNA and allows expression of the Human phenotype that is otherwise suppressed. When a Wraith is transformed in this way, they lose all their previous Wraith memories in the process. The Atlantis team thought it would be wise not to divulge this information to Michael, and instead created a cover story in which he was captured by the Wraith and was rescued by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team. They also fabricated a back story for Michael which said that he is originally from Texas. However, all of that changed when he found a disc in the infirmary which eventually exposed the truth about his Wraith origins. He then kidnapped Teyla Emmagan and escaped Atlantis. Teyla was rescued while being taken to his Hive ship, although Michael, now transforming back into a Wraith, got away and returned to the hive. (SGA: "Michael")

Upon his escape, Lastlight ended up on the hive ship of Nightwind, a formerly powerful Wraith Queen who saw a way to regain her former standing in his story. Nightwind pretended that she wanted to use the retrovirus on her rivals and formed an alliance with Atlantis to do so. Lastlight, returned to Wraith form, contacted Atlantis when Nightwind's hive ship arrived and threatened to reveal the survival of Atlantis to the other Wraith if they attacked. During the alliance, Lastlight returned to his old room where he spoke with Teyla who he didn't expect to see again afterwards. (SGA: "Allies", "Allegiance")

Lastlight was left stunned by the betrayal of Atlantis as he had negotiated with them in good faith. However, Nightwind saw Lastlight as an aberration and he realized she wasn't likely to let him live much longer. Wanting to survive and unwilling to let himself be treated as he was given his high standing aboard Highcloud's hive ship, Lastlight chose to ally with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in his attempts to stop the Hive Ships from reaching Earth, as well as in rescuing Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay. With Lastlight's guidance, Sheppard was able to disable Nightwind's hive ship's hyperdrive and Lastlight rescued him when his fellow Wraith captured Sheppard. The two then went after McKay and Ronon and found them escaped from their coccons. Lastlight helped Sheppard locate the rest of his team and escape on a Wraith scout ship, but not before Lastlight disabled the hive ship's jamming code so the Daedalus could beam a nuclear warhead aboard and destroy it. Once on the Daedalus, after learning that the ship had expended all of its nuclear ordinance, Lastlight suggested instead that they use the new gaseous delivery method of the Iratus bug retrovirus on his hive and capture it, confirming he could fly it in such a case. Following Lastlight's plan, the Daedalus transformed the hive's crew into humans with the retrovirus. (SGA: "No Man's Land", "Allegiance")

Following the capture of the hive ship, Lastlight flew it back to Atlantis. However, he was still mistrusted by the expedition who refused to let him find his own way given the amount of knowledge he possessed. He was forced back on to the retrovirus, and was grouped with the other transformed Wraith on an uninhabited planet without a Stargate. He and about thirty of the other transformed Wraith suspected something was wrong, and killed the squad assigned to guard Dr. Carson Beckett, who had remained to continue the experiment. Having already begun to revert a second time, Lastlight and the Wraith summoned another hive ship. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard ordered Dr. Rodney McKay to bombard the surface of the planet from orbit to prevent any Wraith from leaving. Lastlight was presumed dead. However, possibly anticipating this move, Lastlight was able to avoid the fire and survive to be picked up. He later returned to Highcloud's hive ship, but as he was responsible for Nightwind's death, Highcloud banished him. He later suggests that this banishment by his beloved Queen along with his being transformed into a human twice drove him insane. (SGA: "Misbegotten", "Vengeance", "Allegiance", "Inheritors")


"So now I find myself hunted by both humans and Wraith. So you can understand my need to protect myself -- to survive."

Michael Kenmore as a Hybrid

After his banishment, Lastlight began setting up labs on four planets and experimenting with the Iratus bug. His first experiment was a failure, resulting in ravenous, blind mutants that even he could not control. Because the mutants could not see, they relied on sound and sonar to move around and emitted a kind of fog from gills on their necks as a defense mechanism to hide them from view. He abandoned the project and it was later discovered by the Atlantis expedition. (SGA: "Whispers", "Allegiance")

Later, he more successfully created a genetically engineered species to take over the galaxy. One of the planets employed by Lastlight was that which was settled on by the Taranians after they fled Taranis. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team went to investigate the resulting disappearances, they encountered Lastlight. He took Teyla Emmagan hostage and planned to have an Iratus bug feed on her. When Sheppard's team got close he fled and they arrived in time to kill it. Sheppard went after him and cornered him in a hallway. He escaped after one of his experiments attacked Sheppard. Sheppard's team escaped by stealing his Wraith Dart, while Lastlight and his army were forced to abandon the planet through the Stargate. (SGA: "Vengeance")


Main article: Michael's crusade
"Just another dead world destroyed by the Wraith, abandoned by the survivors, forgotten by both. A perfect place to conduct my work."

After the incident, Lastlight was able to acquire a Wraith Cruiser which acted as his main mode of transport. He believed that the initial experiments were crude and altered the retrovirus to create a newer life form that was the perfect balance between Human and Wraith. This was a being that was far stronger than a normal Human but lacked the greatest weakness of the Wraith: the need to feed. Lastlight tested the process on himself and he lost the feeding organ in his palm. Unbeknownst to the Expedition, Lastlight also abducted the Athosians and subjected them to the altered retrovirus, creating his own personal army of Human-Wraith Hybrids. At this point he learned - possibly from Kanaan - of Teyla Emmagan's pregnancy. Though how Kanaan knew is a mystery as Teyla herself only found out after the Athosians were kidnapped.

With his Wraith cloning knowledge, he was at some point able to create a clone identical to Dr. Carson Beckett using DNA he collected during his second capture by the Atlantis Expedition. With the cloned Carson Beckett's help, he re-engineered the Hoffan drug and began a covert campaign of distributing it around numerous Human worlds in the Pegasus galaxy. The people affected suffered a 30% fatality rate from this new galaxy-sweeping plague. His plan was to bring about the extermination of the Wraith by replacing them with Lastlight's hybrids, who would become the new dominant race in the galaxy. Many Wraith Hives would continue their culling, dying in the feeding process after being poisoned by the drug.

He then engineered an elaborate scheme to capture Teyla by entering her dreams through telepathy that spanned 10,000 light years. He used an illusion of Kanaan, the father of her child, to leave clues for her. Lastlight dispatched a Wraith Dart to capture her and bring her aboard his cruiser where he revealed his plans and stated that she and her child had an important part for the future. His cruiser headed towards his base of operations. However the Tau'ri vessel Daedalus, tipped off by Guide in exchange for Hoffan drug information, was already in orbit over his destination. Lastlight engaged the Daedalus in battle, but was unable to defeat the powerful battlecruiser while the Daedalus couldn't destroy his ship since Teyla was on board. After taking heavy damage, Lastlight retreated into hyperspace, narrowly avoiding the attempts of the Daedalus to disable his ship.

Michael Kenmore 1

Michael Kenmore as a Hybrid

Lastlight took his ship to a dead world whose people were destroyed by the Wraith. There, he had another one of his laboratories to create more hybrids in his quest for galactic domination. He showed great concern over Teyla's child due to the fact that it was the offspring of two individuals with the 'Gift'. This made it important for his plans to further enhance his hybrids. He eventually discovered that the Atlantis expedition had uncovered his base of operations and decided to terminate the individuals undergoing the process rather than leave any loose ends to be found. He took Teyla back to his ship in order to escape during an assault by Atlantis's flagship team. After Teyla's guards were killed by the clone of Carson Beckett, Lastlight came to take Teyla away. He revealed that in all his creations, including Beckett's clone, he implanted a biological imperative that made them susceptible to his telepathic influence which meant the clone could not kill him. He stunned the clone and took Teyla to his ship where they escaped from the world. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2")

After returning from the future, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was able to use the information he had learned from the alternate timeline to go to the planet where Lastlight planned to take Teyla so she could give birth. Sheppard and his team arrived before Lastlight and Teyla had arrived but they triggered a booby trap set by Lastlight that caused the complex to implode. At the point the trap was triggered, Lastlight was sent an automated message informing him of this. He traveled to the planet to retrieve any survivors and torture them for information. Teyla confronted him about his plans for her and he seemed to almost regret that he was going to have to kill her as he had a hard time bringing himself to tell her saying he'd hoped she would understand, indicating that perhaps on some level he still does care about her after their brief friendship when he was human. (SGA: "The Last Man", "Search and Rescue")

Battle of M2S-445

The Daedalus damages Michael's cruiser

Just as his drones were about to retrieve the last two survivors (Sheppard and Ronon) they were beamed away by the recently arrived Daedalus. Just before they had beamed the survivors, Lastlight attempted to escape but the Daedalus was able to disable its hyperdrive just before he jumped into hyperspace. As the Daedalus had to drop its shields to beam the survivors, Lastlight's ship was able to cause considerable damage to it, disabling sublight and hyperdrive engines as well as the Asgard plasma beam weapons. As only the shields were going to hold for a short time, the Daedalus launched an F-302 fighter-interceptor strike against Michael's cruiser to which Darts were launched in response. This attack disabled the cruiser's main weapons as well as allowing a cloaked Puddle Jumper with Sheppard, Ronon and McKay aboard. This strike team was able to rescue Teyla (with the help of Kanaan) and escape in a Wraith Dart as well as permanently disabling the cruiser's hyperdrive. As soon as the team was confirmed safe, a recently repaired Daedalus destroyed Lastlight's cruiser, although his fate remained unknown at that time. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

The Prodigal 3

Michael, moments before his death.

Lastlight did in fact survive by stealing the Puddle Jumper that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team used to sneak on to his ship. He then used that ship, in conjunction with a stolen IDC from Major Nelson to infiltrate Atlantis, and combining Wraith and Ancient technology, managed to create a force field with similar results as a Wraith stunner, disabling anyone who attempted to access the control tower. He then used the power from the Jumper to power the devices in the tower while cutting all power to the rest of Atlantis. His goal, once again, is to capture Teyla's son. Ronon Dex eventually escapes from his original capture, as he was in Stargate Operations when the stun field was established. However Lastlight was able to overpower and render Ronon unconscious. This distraction allowed Teyla to escape. In frustration, Lastlight activated Atlantis' self-destruct in an attempt to draw Teyla out, but this was unsuccessful. He then attempted to retreat with the DNA of Teyla's son that he had already taken vowing to clone him. During that time, Dr. Rodney McKay and Sheppard had devised to plan to use a jumper from the underwater Jumper bay, dial the Dial Home Device and use the Unstable vortex (for which Dr. Radek Zelenka had minimal control enough to drop the Stargate shield) to destroy Lastlight's jumper, thus rendering the stun field inactive and restoring Atlantis to its natural power. The plan succeeded and Lastlight was forced to flee with Sheppard in chase. As they battled on the outside of Atlantis' central tower, Michael was about to throw Sheppard over the side, but Teyla intervened and pushed Lastlight over the edge. His grip failing, Teyla kicked his hand from the ledge, dropping Lastlight to his death thousands of feet below. (SGA: "The Prodigal")


After Doctor Rodney McKay is turned into a Wraith named Quicksilver, Doctors Jennifer Keller and Carson Beckett go back to the research on the retrovirus that changed Lastlight into "Michael" as a basis for a cure for McKay. Beckett is shown to still be haunted by his experiences with Lastlight and the way his retrovirus was used as a weapon when he intended it to help. He is also shown to be angry and bitter about helping Lastlight perfect the Hybrids and the Hoffan drug that killed so many as that was his work, not the original Carson Beckett as the retrovirus that changed Lastlight was.

While Quicksilver, McKay meets Guide who tells Quicksilver to use the name "Michael" to search for answers with. Quicksilver's search mainly turns up information on the Hoffan plague spread by Lastlight, some information about his crusade and finally some information on Lastlight's transformation into a Human-form Wraith and a warning against him following his escape from M8G-352 due to his role in Nightwind's death. The search reveals that the Wraith believe Lastlight died in the Battle of M2S-445 and are unaware he survived to be killed months later. Intrigued but confused as why to Guide would point him towards Lastlight, Quicksilver gets Ember to share the full story of Lastlight as he knows it with him. Recognizing the memory loss he is experiencing as similar to what Lastlight experienced when turned human, Quicksilver questions if he was turned human as Lastlight was when he was "captured" by the Atlantis expedition. After Ember assures him he was not, Quicksilver starts to suspect, based on Guide pointing him towards Lastlight, his similar memory loss and the expedition's reactions to him during the Raid on Atlantis, that he underwent a similar process that turned him from human to Wraith. (SGA: "Allegiance")


After Doctor Elizabeth Weir returns, she asks about Lastlight. Teyla tells her that Lastlight is dead and she had killed him. Teyla is shown to feel no remorse over Lastlight's death.

When Lastlight is mentioned to him, Ember reflects on him, calling him "brilliant, but deranged", feeling that Lastlight had been driven insane by Atlantis' experiments upon him and the rejections of his queen. (SGA: "The Third Path")

Alternate timelines[]

"You know the irony is I never asked for any of this."
―Michael Kenmore[src]
Michael Kenmore 2

Michael Kenmore in an alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline where Sheppard was stuck 48,000 years in the future, Michael killed Teyla after she gave birth to her child. The baby was all he needed to perfect the hybrids. He swiftly tainted the Wraith food supply with the Hoffan drug and brought them to their knees. With his combined army of hybrids and coerced Wraith, he took over the Pegasus galaxy. Earth was reluctant to mount a strong defense against Michael, finally committing the new ship Phoenix, which was destroyed. Deciding the situation was unsalvageable, they decided to let Michael rule the Pegasus galaxy unchallenged and keep all expedition forces in Atlantis. (SGA: "The Last Man")


"You kill to protect yourself and your own. So do I. Of course, circumstances require me to do it on a slightly larger scale, but the principle is still the same."
―Michael Kenmore.[src]

Michael was devoted to his own survival. (SGA: "Michael", "No Man's Land") At one point, he stated that he had no trouble in dying as long as he saw his enemies destroyed in the process. (SGA: "Vengeance")

The two times when he was converted into a Human has made him deeply resentful of the Atlantis expedition for what they had done to him. (SGA: "Michael", "Misbegotten") This was enhanced after his near death at the hands of his fellow Wraith as they rejected him for the Human they could smell on him. This forced Michael into extreme measures in order to survive. (SGA: "Vengeance")

It's been stated by Michael on one occasion that he did not wish any of this action and that he only wished to have rejoined his fellow Wraith. (SGA: "The Last Man")

It should be stressed that this was in an alternate future timeline and as such it might have developed when Michael dominated the galaxy.

The one person that Michael felt any connection with was Teyla Emmagan; at one time he considered himself foolish for trusting her but he believed that she was the closest person who could understand what he had been through (he seemed to have some measure of connection to Colonel Sheppard as well, but after he was turned into a Human again, it was ended and they had a confrontation during Vengeance). When he planned to destroy Atlantis he offered to take her with him and to take care of her and her son Torren John Emmagan as he did care about her and didn't want her to die. (SGA: "Michael", "The Kindred, Part 1", "The Kindred, Part 2")

There were indications that he was insane. His actions and galactic domination schemes are a good indicator, also Teyla believes that he was and calls him insane. Michael was actually hurt by Teyla calling him insane, but doesn't deny it instead telling her not to starve herself just to spite him. Michael likely went insane from his experiences of being turned human, betrayed by both sides and ultimately abandoned and hunted by the Wraith who were his people. The Wraith Scientist Ember felt that Michael was "brilliant but deranged" and felt Michael had been driven insane by Atlantis' experiments upon him and the fact that his queen rejected him. The Wraith Thorn also felt that being turned human twice and rejected by his beloved queen drove Michael insane.

After being turned human twice and betrayed by both the Wraith and humans, he became bent on ruling the galaxy for his own purposes. Being a brilliant scientist, he was able to create an army loyal to him personally to do this and showed extreme disregard for even his followers, such as when he wanted to run and abandon his men when he knew he was no match for the Daedalus. He was merciless, killing his test subjects when he was forced to abandon his base due to a rescue attempt by the Atlantis team, although he perhaps showed a little mercy to the Beckett clone by not killing him and just stunning him. However, in this case he may simply not have cared as he knew the clone would die without the injections he gave him. He also displays willingness to kill anyone who gets in his way, such as the human populations of the galaxy just to get rid of the Wraith so he could rule with his army of hybrids. During his reign of terror in one alternate future, the hologram of Future McKay said that he eliminated everyone that was too weak for his tastes and just turned the rest into hybrids, giving him full rule of the galaxy there.

Another aspect of his personality was his thirst for revenge against those who wronged him. Both the Atlantis expedition and the Wraith did him wrong and he wanted revenge. His schemes initially started with revenge through his own personal army and evolved to galactic domination, although his desire for revenge was still there. An example of his near single-minded focus on this at points was when he invaded Atlantis. He wanted revenge so badly that he wasn't content to just take Teyla and leave, he wanted the self-destruct activated first in order to kill everyone in the city to get his revenge. At that point he had even more reason for revenge as his plans for galactic domination were severely crippled when the expedition destroyed his army. He claimed to be willing to let go of his revenge to get Teyla to come with him, but his refusal to prove it indicated that this was a lie. His desire for revenge proved to be his ultimate downfall as he delayed so much in leaving in order to get his revenge, Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Radek Zelenka and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard were able to find a way to counter his plans and defeat him once and for all. Notably, one of his Hybrids warned him earlier on that they should leave as the expedition would eventually find their way past Lastlight's defenses, but Lastlight refused until he could activate the self-destruct. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

During his invasion Atlantis, Lastlight displayed erratic mood swings and heightened signs of insanity. At times he was seemingly earnest about his desire to spare Teyla, but when challenged to show proof he would keep his word and spare Atlantis, after consideration, he grew angry and stated he would let her die and just clone her son. Also, after learning that Teyla had evaded capture, Lastlight became convinced she was toying with him and flung a laptop across the room in a moment of rage despite the idea that Teyla was toying with him at all being ridiculous given the situation she was in. During this period of time, Lastlight seemed crazier than ever, possibly having lost more of what remained of his sanity due to his earlier defeat and his desire to get vengeance driving him to even greater lengths to achieve his goal. At one point, Lastlight goes so far as to say that he is as strong as he ever was despite everything he has lost simply because he refuses to give up on his goals. (SGA: "The Prodigal")


Before being turned human, Lastlight had the appearance of a typical Wraith. Following his transformation, Lastlight appeared human with short brown hair, his hair having been presumably cut with the transformation changing his hair color. Once Lastlight became a Wraith again, he regained a mostly Wraith appearance, but retained some human traits. Notably, his nose was more human than Wraith and the two slits Wraith have on their faces moved closer to his nose. He also retained his short hair, further indicating that it came from his hair being cut, not from the transformation. After Lastlight became a Human-Wraith Hybrid, many of his features remained Wraithlike, but he lost the feeding slit on the palm of his hand and his eyes changed color to yellow. He also gained regular human pupils rather than the pupils of a Wraith. As a Hybrid, Lastlight regained his brown hair color, losing the white hair color that had returned after Lastlight's transformation back into a Wraith.

Powers and abilities[]

As both a Wraith and a Human-Wraith Hybrid, Lastlight displayed many powerful abilities:

  • Telepathy: Lastlight displayed a powerful telepathic ability, being able to read the mind of Doctor Carson Beckett and gain enough knowledge from his mind to create a clone with all of his memories up to the time of his kidnapping. (SGA: "Misbegotten", "The Kindred, Part 2")
    • Wraithkin mind linking: Lastlight displayed a greater ability to mind link with Wraithkin than most Wraith. While reverting for the first time to his Wraith form, Lastlight proved capable of taking control of the mind of Teyla Emmagan when other Wraith, even Queens, required Teyla to link with them first. However, Lastlight's control of Teyla appeared to be more of a hypnotic command rather than a full possession. Two years later, after becoming a Hybrid, Lastlight was capable of linking with Teyla's mind over 10,000 light-years, farther than Wraith could even communicate with each other and implant a vision in her mind while disguised as Kanaan. Presumably Lastlight's ability to reach out in this manner came from his enhanced abilities as a Hybrid though Lastlight suggests that a bond had formed between himself and Teyla. (SGA: "Michael", "The Kindred, Part 1")
    • Telepathic control over creations: When making his various creations, Lastlight made it so that they would be vulnerable to his telepathic influence. This is best seen when Lastlight was able to prevent the clone of Doctor Carson Beckett from shooting him despite how badly Beckett desired to do so. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")
  • Ancient technology control: Despite formerly being a Wraith and thus lacking the ATA gene, Lastlight displayed the ability to control Ancient technology such as a Puddle Jumper. Doctor Rodney McKay suggests that Lastlight may have been able to come up with an ATA gene therapy of his own that granted him this ability. He also displayed a remarkable ability to understand and control the systems of Atlantis itself. (SGA: "Search and Rescue", "The Seed", "The Prodigal")
  • Removal of his need to feed on humans: As part of becoming a Hybrid, Lastlight was able to strengthen himself by removing his Wraith need to feed, which he saw as the Wraith's biggest weakness. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")
  • Genius-level Intelligence: Lastlight was incredibly intelligent and used this in his many experiments and strategies.
  • Superhuman strength: As both a Wraith and a Hybrid Lastlight possessed a superhuman level of strength. During his invasion of Atlantis, Lastlight was able to go toe-to-toe with Ronon Dex and win. He later possessed the strength to defeat Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in a fight even when wounded. (SGA: "The Prodigal")
  • Superhuman endurance: Lastlight showed a very high level of endurance, particularly as a Hybrid. Even after being shot during his invasion of Atlantis, Lastlight retained more than enough strength to fight and defeat Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in a fight. However, his endurance had its limits and after being left hanging from a ledge following being shot and a fight, he lacked the strength to pull himself back up and was left at the mercy of Teyla. (SGA: "The Prodigal")
  • Regeneration: As a Wraith, Lastlight possessed powerful regenerative abilities as best seen when he was shot by Sheppard but survived to return to the Wraith. According to Ember, his initial capture by the Atlantis expedition happened because he was badly wounded, badly enough that his men were forced to abandon him, but had fed recently enough to regenerate. As a Hybrid he presumably retained this ability since the Hybrids were designed to have all of the beneficial abilities of the Wraith without their greatest weakness: the need to feed. (SGA: "Michael", "Allegiance", "The Kindred, Part 1")


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Other equipment[]

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  • Wraith tablet: To be added
  • Gas mask: To be added



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