Lara was a female Tau'ri and cousin of Lt. Aiden Ford and was very close to him.



When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard returned to Earth in 2005, he went and saw Lara, informing her that her cousin had gone missing but as far as he was concerned was still alive and he was going to continue to look for him. She had seen the tape that Aiden had made and sent back several months earlier. She also told Sheppard not to tell Ford's grandmother and grandfather. (SGA: "The Intruder")


In 2010, the Atlantis team unexpectedly located Ford who had survived his apparent death in the Battle of Edowin and joined the Travelers. With the help of the Vanir, Ford is returned to Earth with his wife and son and given a cover story before being sent home. Lara and Ford's grandparents greet Ford, his family, Sheppard and Teyla at the airport and Lara is shocked to see Ford, having grown to believe it was better to write him off as dead rather than continue to hold out hope after so long. (SGA: "The Third Path")

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