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The Lantean cruiser is an unknown class of Ancient spaceship used by the Lanteans as a complement to their Aurora-class warships. This ship was used by the Lanteans in their attempt to destroy the Asurans. (SGA: "Progeny")

The Genii eventually locate a Lantean cruiser and set to work repairing it. With the help of John Sheppard, they manage to get it to their homeworld. This ship, renamed the Pride of the Genii helps defend Atlantis during the final battle with Queen Death. (SGA: "The Lost", "Inheritors")


  • The engines on this ship bear resemblance to the engines on the Asuran cruiser.
  • The hyperdrive on a Lantean cruiser is apparently interstellar and slower than an Asgard hyperdrive. It was stated that the Pride of the Genii would lose to the George Hammond in a race from the frozen planet to the Genii homeworld, a mere thirteen hour hyperspace distance for the Lantean cruiser. Even without racing, the George Hammond arrived twenty-two minutes before the Pride of the Genii.
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