Langaran Stargate facility is a building on the planet Langara housing their stargate. The location is, in fact, a power facility that draws energy from the planet's Naquadriah core to provide power to Langara's inhabitants. The building was either constructed over a natural fissure in the planet's crust, or the site was excavated to grant access to the planet's core. At some point the Langarans installed their Stargate in the facility, allowing them to connect the gate directly to the vast power supply. The site is overseen by Administrator Halpern who also commands a small security force to safeguard the sensitive resources in the building.

In attempt to dial Destiny, Tau'ri, including Richard Woolsey, Dr. Rodney McKay, Colonel David Telford, Colonel Everett Young and Lt. Matthew Scott infiltrated the facility. The operation was effectively violating the Langaran's sovereignty since it went against Ambassador Ovirda's initial rejection of their proposal, but the Tau'ri believed it was the only way to demonstrate that dialing a nine-chevron address no longer posed any safety risks after the implementation of McKay's dialing algorithm that regulated power flow from the Naquadriah core to the gate. After commencing the operation, a Langaran soldier who was part of the security force guarding the facility became suspicious of his Captain's, and Administrator Halpern's behavior. Knowing the danger of dialing a nine chevron address, the soldier believed their sudden willingness to hand over the facility to the Tau'ri was a major breech. He alerted Ambassador Ovirda to the activity in the facility and accompanied him with a larger Langaran force to the gate room in order to force the Tau'ri to stand down. They succeeded, and the Tau'ri aborted the dialing process before it was completed—although McKay assured Colonel Young that the power flow readings were well within the margins he had predicted, thanks to his algorithm, indicating it would've worked—and the Tau'ri surrendered.

After the Tau'ri surrender, they negotiated to aid the Langarans with protection from the Lucian Alliance, who were believed to be seeking a way to use the Langaran facility for the same reason as the Tau'ri, only without any compunction over sacrificing Langarans in the process. Colonel Young later reported that the Langarans were removing their Stargate from the facility altogether, eliminating their planet's core as a supplementary power source for the gate and the Tau'ri's (and ostensibly Lucian Alliance's) hope of dialing Destiny from Langara. (SGU: "Seizure")

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