Kur was a Goa'uld System Lord who never rose to prominence in Earth's history, though many knew and feared him, appearing only briefly in both the Sumerian and Assyrian cultures as either a dragon or dragon lord. He quite happily embraced this imagery, making himself appear more intimidating and giving him a reputation for savagery. Kur's Dragon Guards likewise wore helmets modeled after dragons, and the architecture throughout his realm also appeared draconic in origin. He was one of the few System Lords who truly accepted his subjects' image of him, and was intimidating and imposing even whilst dealing with his own Jaffa, ruling through violence and fear alone. He ruled from a hellish planet known as Herevah, an unstable world which was covered in mountain ranges and volcanoes.

Kur joined his scouting party when they went to the planet inhabited by Unity as he was so eager to seize the crystals for himself, thinking that he could use them to enhance his technology. However, when he reached out to touch one of the crystals, it sent out a powerful blast of energy and killed the Goa'uld instantly. Kur's First Prime immediately ordered for the rest of the crystals to be rounded up and destroyed to forever eliminate their threat to the System Lords; what they did not know was that one of the Unity had taken the form of Lord Kur for himself and followed the Jaffa through the Stargate, taking the System Lord's place. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

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