Kull armor is the armor used by Kull warriors created by the System Lord Anubis. The armor possesses energy absorption technology which renders the wearer impervious to virtually all forms of hand-held energy weapons.


Kull armor consists of two distinct pieces: the larger, solid armor and a secondary layer of kevlar-like material. Either one is capable of absorbing energy. The armor can be worn by regular humans and does not require a Kull's enhanced physiology to operate.

Kull 6

Kull armor absorbing Staff blasts and heavy Tau'ri projectile fire.

Kull armor has shown to be able to absorb most types of energy. Staff weapons and Zat'nik'tels have no effect, regardless of the volume of fire. Those wearing the armor can also walk through forcefields, though a symbiote may be required for this in order to withstand the potential toll on the body. In addition, the suit is bulletproof to small arms fire and highly resistant to blunt trauma. The wearer can weather the explosive effects of C-4 and A-M18A1 Claymore mines without injury. It has been shown to even be impervious to heavy projectile explosions like missiles. However can't withstand the sheer force of the self-destruct mechanism of a large base, such as the Alpha Site.

Kull 4

Zat blasts being neutralized by the Kull armor.

Some exceptions exist to the otherwise impervious nature of the armor. It has been shown that the secondary layer can be pierced with enough pressure - two small Trinium darts were used during an attempt to capture a Kull warrior alive and successfully pierced the material. The Kull disruptor was specifically designed to defeat the Kull warriors, and thus its effects are not negated by the armor's energy absorption technology (Although it is important to note that the disruptor only affects the Kull itself, with the result that the weapon is useless against an armor worn by someone else). Drone weapons can also negate the armor's effectiveness, at least in packs, by flying in a tight circle around the Kull and vaporizing them. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1", "Death Knell", "Prometheus Unbound")


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