Krista James was one of Teal'c's neighbors after Teal'c moved into his own apartment. She had a boyfriend named Doug McNair, who became abusive to her after he lost his job and started drinking. She thought that Teal'c was a citizen from Mozambique moved to the United States by Daniel Jackson, not knowing that Teal'c is in fact an alien from another planet. She often asked favors of Teal'c in fixing her plumbing, but she would bring a "bribe" with her, usually cookies. They often spent time together, including walking to a nearby grocery stores and sharing meals. Teal'c had become quite the protector of his neighbors and when he saw that Krista was being abused by her boyfriend, he threatened murder.

Krista asked Teal'c to train her in a form of martial arts that she saw him doing one day in the park near their apartment building. She then used the training by killing Doug in self-defense, by crushing his windpipe after he got too rough with her. Instead of reporting the incident, Krista left Doug's body in her apartment and convinced Teal'c to go away with her for a weekend, claiming that she and Doug had just broken up and needed to get away. There, she started a brief relationship with Teal'c. However, during the middle of the night, the Trust, rogue NID faction kidnapped her, framed Teal'c for Doug's murder and used her to get Jackson into co-operating and translate an Ancient text to Goa'uld in order to work out how to get onboard and operate Osiris' Al'kesh that had been lying in orbit for several months previously (SG1: "Chimera")

Eventually, they were freed by a team lead by Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter and Pete Shanahan, after their captors escaped by Asgard transporter. In the end, she said goodbye to Teal'c after he had to move back into Stargate Command. (SG1: "Affinity")

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