Korra was a Tok'ra who posed as a minor Goa'uld loyal to Sokar using the alias "Keltar" or "Kel'tar" in 1999.



Korra 1


Sokar sent the bounty hunter, named Aris Boch, after him after discovering his duplicity. He stole a Tel'tak and used it to fly to PJ6-877, the closest planet with a Stargate, but Aris anticipated his plan and was waiting for him. He was injured in the fight and took refuge in a cave and protected with tacluchnatagamuntorons. When Aris captured SG-1, he forced them to capture him. When they disabled his defenses and he surrendered, he explained that he was a Tok'ra and could not be handed over to Sokar. After SG-1 turned him over they convinced Aris there was a difference between Goa'uld and Tok'ra and convinced him to take Teal'c in his place. They left in a tel'tak but Aris self-destructed it in midair and escaped in the escape pods. As he never appeared or was mentioned again, his next fate is unknown. (SG1: "Deadman Switch")


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