Koracen was an Asuran scientist on Dr. Elizabeth Weir's Aurora-class battleship, and was part of the remnants of Niam's faction.



He believed he found a way to reach a digital equivalent of ascension in which his consciousness would be enabled to exist indefinitely as a field of energy. As such a being, he could essentially upload his mind to subspace and let his nanite body disintegrate, allowing him to move freely about the galaxy at will. He came to Atlantis to regain a body and tried to force the team to agree to allowing him and the other Replicators to rebuild their bodies with the technology in Atlantis by sinking the city. He was ultimately forced to stop and agreed along with the other Replicators to take on Replicator bodies only long enough to create new human bodies for themselves.

He was secretly unhappy with this arrangement and escaped the lab where the Replicators were being held in order to escape in his new Replicator body and never grow old and die to find a better way to ascend. He was killed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir who linked with him and forced his body to disassemble in order to stop him from hurting Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and escaping. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")


As a Replicator, Koracen possessed all of the powers of one. After returning from his digital ascension, Koracen's abilities were more limited due to the limited Replicator body he was given and lost his shapeshifting and most of his regenerative abilities. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

  • Super strength: As a Replicator, Koracen was inhumanly strong. He was able to throw Ronon Dex down a corridor with one hand with enough force to stun Ronon briefly. He also effortlessly threw around Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.
  • Invulnerability: As a Replicator, Koracen was invulnerable to harm. This ability was limited upon his return from digital ascension as his new body was only able to make limited repairs and thus with enough damage would be destroyed.

Behind the scenes[]