Kor mak bracelets are a pair of bracelets that link the wearers. If the two wearing the bracelets should get more than one hundred feet from each other, they will begin to feel ill. Cronus used them when he wanted his Jaffa to transport a prisoner. If the prisoner escaped, they would both be killed by the bracelets, punishing the Jaffa for his incompetence. Vala Mal Doran used the bracelets on herself and Daniel Jackson to ensure that she would get a fair share of the treasure hidden in Avalon. Eventually Vala removed the braclets, but the bond was made more permanant by the use of the long-range communication device, but wore off over time until it was instantly severed when Vala was transported to the Alteran Home Galaxy. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1", "Origin", "The Ties That Bind", "Beachhead")

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