Konstantin Nechayev is a delegate to the International Oversight Advisory, representing Russia.


Background InformationEdit

In the 1980s, Konstantin was in Afghanistan with the Russian Air Force. At some point later on, Konstantin became a member of the International Oversight Advisory delegation, representing Russia. He has been in the IOA long enough to have seen an Asgard prior to their extinction in the Milky Way.


He was one of the IOA members that Teyla Emmagan and Richard P. Woolsey were trying to convince to allow Atlantis to leave Earth and return to the Pegasus galaxy. When it came to his IOA decisions, Dr. Carson Beckett stated that he was a complete contrarian, that nobody could do a thing with.

Konstantin had an interest in Teyla, asking her if she were married and if her husband was with her, but Colonel John Sheppard told him she was his wife to make him back off. After that, Konstantin and Sheppard got along better, as they had things in common including their military past. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

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