The Koan were a race native to a planet within the Pegasus galaxy.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Koan are humanoid in shape but are drastically different; possessing numerous spines on their head which serve as sensory organs. As part of their mutations, they have become a nocturnal species possessing a far better night sight allowing them to navigate in dark caverns. The genetic changes have also affected their minds which have degraded their minds to the point of being almost animalistic in their actions. (SGA: "Reliquary")

History[edit | edit source]

The Koan were once a Human species that developed a civilization during the time of the Ancient's reign within the galaxy. They were in contact with the Ancients during the time of the rise of the Wraith when they began suffering from attacks from the vampiric race. In desperation, the Koan turned to the Ancients for help but received none. Lacking advanced technology, the Koan's leading geneticist, Dorane, turned to bio-weaponry to drive off their enemies.

This succeeded and the Wraith departed from their world, however, the same bio-weaponry affected the Koan themselves. Many were killed while others were mutated into a more monstrous inhuman form. Dorane made a plea to the Ancients to help him and his people but they spurned his actions. As such, Dorane took matters into his own hands.

Dorane and the remaining Koan would relocate to a planet inhabited by the Thesians who were building a great city in conjunction with the Ancients who had stored a Repository on the world. Dorane would claim to be an Ancient from Atlantis that had arrived to help the Thesians construct their city. In reality, he would conduct experimentation on the Thesians in order to reverse the damage done to the Koan but this would fail when the Ancients retaliated, destroying most of the laboratory and forcing Dorane to reverse the changes to the Thesians, before sabotaging the Stargate, trapping him and the Koan in the planet. The Koans were forced into stasis by Dorane until a new opportunity emerged.

The Koan would aid their master, due to the use of Ancientl technology who drive them crazy and allow him to control them. But those some Koan had managed to escape of that control and recover their intelligence. The others aided their master to attack Atlantis however this would be foiled by Major John Sheppard. When he destroyed the control device and killed Dorane, the remaining Koan were captured and relocated back to their homeworld. Unfortunately, any further attempts at reversing their mutation would further deteriorate their condition. (SGA: "Reliquary")

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