Kneeland is a young Marine Corporal and a member of the Atlantis expedition.



Kneeland was one of the original members of the Atlantis expedition to travel to the Pegasus Galaxy. During the Genii invasion of Atlantis, he was on Manaria with the majority of the expedition and the Athosians and learned afterwards of the events that had transpired. (SGA: "The Storm", "The Eye")


In 2009, Kneeland was still a member of the expedition after Atlantis returned to the Pegasus Galaxy after six months on Earth. During the negotiations on Sateda with the Genii and the Satedans, Kneeland was on duty when Teyla Emmagan spotted Sora Tyrus going off alone and decided to follow her. Teyla asked Kneeland for help and knowing of Sora from the invasion during the Lantean storm, Kneeland agreed to accompany her, offering Teyla a pair of infrared goggles to help see with. The two followed Sora to a Genii observation post where it suddenly collapsed. Spotting Sora still alive, Teyla and Kneeland rescued her, realizing that it had been an attempt by Ladon Radim to assassinate Sora. After Teyla convinced Sora to help them and of their innocence, Kneeland assisted Sora back to camp where he accompanied her to an Atlantis medic to catalogue her injuries and to ensure her safety from Ambrus Tol. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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