Kiva's Tel'tak is a Tel'tak utilized by Commander Kiva of the Lucian Alliance and her team.


This tel'tak is used by Kiva and her team to reach Earth to conduct their operations there. The tel'tak is landed nearby uncloaked during at least one of Colonel David Telford's meetings with the Lucian Alliance members.

After switching with Telford through the long-range communication device, the tel'tak is in one of the memories Dr. Nicholas Rush receives from Telford and experiences in a dream. While Rush is initially uncertain of who Telford is meeting with, after he tells Colonel Everett Young that the people have a Goa'uld cargo ship, Young realizes that it's the Lucian Alliance.

When Rush meets with Kiva in the body of Telford, Kiva recognizes that it is not Telford as he failed to use the proper codeword, something that Telford would never do. After Dannic renders Rush unconscious, Kiva uses a remote to decloak the tel'tak, parked at the meeting point the whole time. Despite Dr. Daniel Jackson, who has been secretly running surveillance, calling in ground forces, Kiva and her men are able to escape with Rush in the tel'tak. The ship is able to avoid all of Earth's sensors and the George Hammond and escape into hyperspace.

In transit, Kiva has Dannic torture Rush for information on who he really is. Finally, after extensive torture, Rush breaks and gives his real name. Kiva then shows him a holographic display containing Rush's work on dialing the ninth chevron and an image of the Icarus-like planet they are heading for.

After arriving at the planet, the ship lands near the Goa'uld pyramid acting as the Lucian Alliance base. The tel'tak is destroyed along with the rest of the planet when the core goes critical after Rush dials the ninth chevron during an attack by the George Hammond. (SGU: "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1")

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