Kiva's Ha'taks were three Ha'taks loyal to Commander Kiva of the Lucian Alliance that attacked Icarus Base.

History[edit | edit source]

After presumably learning of the location of Icarus Base from the brainwashed Colonel David Telford, Kiva sends these three Ha'tak to attack the base in hopes of capturing the planet so that the Lucian Alliance can use it to dial the ninth chevron.

Main article: Battle of Icarus Base

As soon as the ships come out of hyperspace, they begin firing at both the planet and the George Hammond in orbit, commencing a massive bombardment on Icarus Base while sending out Death Gliders and a troopship to take Icarus Base for the Lucian Alliance. The George Hammond engages the three Ha'tak, taking out some of their Death Gliders, but failing to inflict any significant damage upon the Ha'tak themselves. At the same time, the George Hammond's shields hold up under the fire from the Ha'tak, but the ship is not their primary target so they don't pay it much mind.

Eventually, the Ha'taks' bombardment causes the planet's naquadriah core to become unstable. After Dr. Nicholas Rush dials the ninth chevron to Destiny, the core goes critical. While the George Hammond is able to escape into hyperspace in time, the three Ha'tak are still in close proximity to the planet when it explodes. As a result, the three ships are caught in the explosion and destroyed along with all of the other attacking Lucian Alliance forces. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

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