"I'm a reasonable person just trying to do what's right for my people."

Kiva was a female Human who became a commander in the Lucian Alliance.


Background information

She is the daughter of another high-ranking officer named Masim, who was one of the hierarchs of the Alliance. This encompasses Earth's limited intelligence on her background. She claims her only interests are in the well-being of her people, but will ruthlessly kill as a show of force or if someone fails her. (SGU: "Subversion")


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Kiva led a faction of the Lucian Alliance which Colonel David Telford infiltrated as a double agent. She discovered his true identity and used Goa'uld brainwashing technology to make him a mole in her employ. Following the end of his assignment and reassignment to the Icarus project, he began funneling information on the Stargate's ninth chevron to her. They regularly met on Earth so she could retrieve any relevant documents.

When the Icarus project was on the verge of dialing the ninth chevron, the Lucian Alliance, presumably consisting of forces under her command, attacked Icarus Base in an attempt to capture it. However, Dr. Nicholas Rush dialed the ninth chevron and the personnel left on the base traveled to Destiny. Meanwhile, the attack on the base combined with the gate drawing energy from the Naquadria core caused the entire planet to explode, destroying the three Ha'taks in orbit and the invasion force.

In the months that followed, Kiva's faction found another planet with a Naquadria core and recreated the Icarus project, intending to travel to Destiny and take it for herself. However, they lacked the one crucial component necessary to dial the ninth chevron: the power regulation equation developed by Eli Wallace. Their work was stalled until Rush used the Ancient Long-range communication device to take over Telford's body in an attempt to infiltrate Kiva's group. Due to his lack of knowledge in their procedures, he was easily discovered. Kiva kidnapped him and forced him to provide what they needed to dial Destiny. Though the Tau'ri managed to discover the planet's location and mounted a rescue, Rush had already advanced their work far enough to dial Destiny, but since he had not had time to complete his work, the planet exploded, killing more than two-thirds of Kiva's group and leaving her with only a few dozen people on Destiny.

Kiva vs Telford

On Destiny, Kiva's faction quickly managed to gain a foothold. She took some members of the Destiny expedition hostage, keeping Colonel Everett Young from retaliating and creating a stalemate. The stalemate broke when the ship was jeopardized by a binary pulsar. As Kiva had control of the section of the ship needed to reinforce the shields, she was able to leverage this for complete control of Destiny. Once Young turned over control, Telford, his brainwashing having been broken by Young, attempted to return control to Rush. However, he was caught in the act by Kiva and they both shot and wounded each other at the same time. After Lt. Tamara Johansen was wounded in a shootout in the infirmary, a team of doctors led by Dr. Brightman were brought in as replacements. However, they could not save her, as the bullet had lodged in her liver. After her death Dannic took command before being shot by Ginn as a result of Dannic's irrationality. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Subversion", "Incursion, Part 1", "Incursion, Part 2", "Intervention")


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Other equipment

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