Kiryk is a Human native to the Pegasus galaxy.


Background informationEdit

He was once captured from his homeworld by the Wraith and made into a runner. During his time as a runner, he visited a planet with a technologically advanced race. He was able to trade something for a Transporter wrist device, which gave him an advantage over the Wraith. He once also spent a single night at a village that was later culled by the Wraith, due to his presence there. He and a little girl named Celise were the only survivors, so he took care of her, taking her with him on the run. He became a father figure to her. (SGA: "Tracker")


However, there was an accident and her leg was injured from the fall and she developed a bad infection. He kidnapped Dr. Jennifer Keller for help, not wanting to take the risk she would say no if he asked for help. She offered to remove the tracking device from him, but was unable to do so because its position would cause him to die if it was removed. She treated the girl but needed to take her back to Atlantis if she had any hope of survival.

On the way to the Stargate, Keller managed to short out his tracking device with a defibrillator and they eventually were reunited with Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay. After a brief fight with the Wraith, they found the Gate guarded by at least six of them with the possibility of more Wraith hidden in the surrounding forest. Kiryk used the Transporter wrist device he owned to even the odds, but when it failed, he escaped through the Stargate with all of the Wraith right behind him. It is unknown what happened to him after that. (SGA: "Tracker")

Behind the scenesEdit

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