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Kino Webisodes are a series of 34 interdependent brief episode segments that follow the first season of Stargate Universe. These brief segments are usually continuations of an episode that aired just prior to the webisodes' release. However, some contain content relatively unrelated to recent episodes.

Kino webisodes are shot from the first-person perspective of a Kino itself. “It's flying around and spying on people,” series co-creator Brad Wright told the Toronto Star, “they are literally just voyeuristic scenes we’re shooting specifically for the Web. It’s an extra way to get a window on our program and gives fans a slice of life look at our ship.” An entire production unit is dedicated to the task of creating the material. The series is filmed and directed by Stargate Special Features Producer, Ivon Bartok.



Image Title Number Airdate Location LINK Characters
Kino 1 - Get Outta Here "Get Outta Here" 101 October 22, 2009 Destiny room [1] Everett Young
Colonel Everett Young does paperwork and is displeased to find the Kino watching him.
Kino 2 - Not The Com Lab "Not the Com Lab" 102 October 22, 2009 Destiny Infirmary [2] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace gives a tour of one of the many corridors and gets a bit lost, eventually ending up in the Destiny's infirmary.
Kino 3 - No Idea "No Idea" 103 October 22, 2009 Destiny halls [3] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace gives a tour of the ship and discovers a room he's never been in before.
Kino 4 - The Stargate Room "The Stargate Room" 104 October 22, 2009 Destiny

Gate Room

[4] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace gives a tour of the gate room, his favorite room in the whole ship.
Kino 5 - Eli’s Room "Eli's Room" 105 October 22, 2009 Kino room [5] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace gives a tour of his room which is also the Kino room.
Kino 6 - Don’t Encourage Him "Don't Encourage Him" 106 October 23, 2009 Destiny

mess hall

[6] Ronald Greer, Matthew Scott, Tamara Johansen
Eli Wallace takes the Kino into the Mess hall via remote and finds Lt. Tamara Johansen, Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer. Greer warns Eli about spying with the Kino.
Kino 7 - Corridor Conversation "Corridor Conversation" 107 October 23, 2009 Destiny halls [7] Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong
The Kino sees, but cannot hear Lt. Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong talking in a corridor.
Kino 8 - Marked Hatch "Marked Hatch" 108 October 26, 2009 Destiny halls [8] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace points out a hatch that has been marked due to damage to the ship on the other side.
Kino 9 - Not Supposed To Be In Here "Not Supposed To Be In Here" 109 October 26, 2009 Ancient shuttle [9] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace gives a tour of the ship's only working shuttle.
Kino 10 - Nobody Cares "Nobody Cares" 110 October 26, 2009 Destiny


[10] Chloe Armstrong,

Eli Wallace

Eli Wallace interviews Chloe Armstrong in her quarters and tries to cheer her up.
Kino 11 - Kino Race "Kino Race" 111 November 2, 2009 Destiny halls [11] Eli Wallace, Hunter Riley, Camile Wray
Eli Wallace and Sgt. Hunter Riley race a couple of Kinos through a corridor.
Kino 12 - Covered Kino "Covered Kino" 112 November 2, 2009 Destiny


[12] Vanessa James
Lt. Vanessa James prepares to take a shower and discovers that the Kino is watching her.
Kino 13 - Variety "Variety" 113 November 2, 2009 Destiny room [13] Darren Becker, Inman
Pvt. Darren Becker watches Dr. Inman make synthetic flavors.
Kino 14 - You Okay "You Okay?" 114 November 11, 2009 Destiny


[14] Chloe Armstrong, Matthew Scott
The Kino overhears an intimate conversation where Lt. Matthew Scott tries to comfort Chloe Armstrong.
Kino 15 - Do I Look Stupid "Do I Look Stupid?" 115 November 11, 2009 Destiny room [15] Dale Volker, Matthew Scott, Adam Brody, Hunter Riley
Lt. Matthew Scott and Dr. Dale Volker help Dr. Adam Brody and Sgt. Hunter Riley try on the Ancient environmental suits.
Kino 16 - All Telford’s Fault "All Telford's Fault" 116 November 11, 2009 Destiny room [16] Lisa Park, Adam Brody
Dr. Lisa Park tries to comfort Dr. Adam Brody after Sgt. Hunter Riley's accident.
Kino 17 - What’s That Light "What's That Light?" 117 November 11, 2009 Destiny halls [17] Ronald Greer, Matthew Scott, Lisa Park, Adam Brody
Dr. Lisa Park and Dr. Adam Brody try to work out the Destiny's page channel and private channel frequencies.
Kino-NewKindOfCrazy "New Kind of Crazy" 118 November 15, 2009 Destiny room [18] Eli Wallace, Matthew Scott, Hunter Riley
Eli Wallace and Lt. Matthew Scott discuss the two Kinos they found from the Jungle planet and the illness they now face.
Kino-OnlyRunWhenChased "Only Run When Chased" 119 November 19, 2009 Destiny

Mess hall

[19] Eli Wallace, Adam Brody, Lisa Park, Dale Volker, Matthew Scott
Eli Wallace and a group of people watch an episode of South Park while Lt. Matthew Scott encourages exercising.
Kino-BustHimUp "Want Me To Bust Him Up?" 120 November 25, 2009 Destiny corridor and room [20] Ronald Greer, Lisa Park
MSgt. Ronald Greer finds Dr. Lisa Park crying and attempts to comfort her.
Kino-AppleCore "The Apple Core" 121 November 25, 2009 Destiny

Control Interface Room

[21] Eli Wallace, Adam Brody, Lisa Park, Dale Volker
Eli Wallace gives a tour of the Control interface room which he calls the "Apple Core".
Kino-22 "Not Just For Posterity" 122 December 10, 2009 Destiny Crew quarters [22] Lisa Park
Dr. Lisa Park records a video diary about her time on Destiny and mentions her friends and family. However, she is interrupted and proceeds to have sex with an apparently close male friend.
Kino-23 "We Volunteer To Do This" 123 April 16, 2010 Destiny Observation Deck [23] Eli Wallace, Chloe Armstrong, Kelly
Eli Wallace interviews Airman Kelly, while her consciousness is in Chloe Armstrong's body, about why she volunteered to use the Long-range communication stones.
Wait For Ity "Wait For It" 124 April 23, 2010 Destiny showers; Mess hall [24] Adam Brody, Eli Wallace, Hunter Riley, Vanessa James, Dale Volker, Matthew Scott
Dr. Adam Brody attempts to take revenge on Sgt. Hunter Riley by playing a prank on him.
DropTheSirs "Drop the Sirs" 125 May 17, 2010 Destiny mess hall [25] Matthew Scott, Ronald Greer
Lt. Matthew Scott attempts to clear the air with MSgt. Ronald Greer about leaving him behind on the planet.
LikeAHug "Like a Hug" 126 May 19, 2010 Destiny [26] Tamara Johansen, Lisa Park
Lt. Tamara Johansen and Dr. Lisa Park discuss Dr. Nicholas Rush's relationship with Dr. Amanda Perry.
Chloe's room "Chloe's Room" 127 February 9, 2010 Destiny halls [27] Eli Wallace
Eli Wallace makes another tour through the ship and comes to Chloe Armstrong's room.
Awful "Disgusting Habit" 128 February 9, 2010 Destiny Crew quarters [28] Adam Brody, Spencer
Dr. Adam Brody secretly shares a cigarette with Sgt. Spencer.
Dinner "Favorite Meal of All Time" 129 February 9, 2010 Destiny Mess hall / Halls [29] Lisa Park, Eli Wallace, Matthew Scott, Ronald Greer, Vanessa James, Adam Brody, Jeremy Franklin
Eli Wallace asks everyone what their "favorite meal of all time" is.
Riley message "Not Being There" 130 February 9, 2010 Destiny Crew quarters [30] Hunter Riley
Sgt. Hunter Riley records his diary entry.
One Long Endless Night "One Long Endless Night" 131 January 27, 2011 Vanessa James' room [31] Vanessa James, Camile Wray
Lt. Vanessa James talks about keeping time on the Destiny. Camile Wray wishes James a happy birthday.
Horrible Accident "Horrible Accident" 132 January 28, 2011 Destiny Infirmary [32] Hunter Riley, Eli Wallace
Sgt. Hunter Riley uses the Kino to check up on Eli Wallace in the infirmary.
Painful Moments "Painful Moments" 133 January 31, 2011 Destiny [33] Adam Brody, Lisa Park, Morrison, Hunter Riley, Eli Wallace
Dr. Adam Brody, Dr. Lisa Park, Dr. Morrison, Sgt. Hunter Riley and Eli Wallace recount their most emotionally painful moments in life.
All The Stages "All The Stages" 134 February 1, 2011 Destiny quarters [34] Vanessa James
Lt. Vanessa James documents all the stages she's gone through while aboard the Destiny.


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Watch a behind the scenes video about the Kino webisodes, entitled "What Else is Going On?" on the official MGM website. (backup link)

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