"A-actually it represents my most recent attempt to fly... but it should carry a ton of ice."
Eli Wallace[src]

The Kino sled is a hovering platform constructed by Eli Wallace out of a metal table and around a dozen floating Kinos. It can carry several hundred pounds while remaining easy to push. The large number of Kinos prevents it from being controlled by remote. Eli designed it in an ill-conceived attempt to fly.


The Kino sled was first used by Everett Young and Matthew Scott to transport the ice they mined on Hoth back to Destiny. Young ended up carrying Scott on the sled with the ice, as his oxygen had almost completely run out due to suit damage. (SGU: "Water")

The sled would later be used as a makeshift gurney to support Scott as Tamara Johansen attended to an alien fungus which had infected his arm. (SGU: "Cloverdale") The sled was used by the crew to easily transport a drone to study it to see if countermeasures could be found within its programming. (SGU: "Deliverance")

Behind the scenesEdit

This is how the practical prop of the Kino hover board was made.

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