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"Kino Race" is the eleventh webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace and Sgt. Hunter Riley race a couple of Kinos through a corridor.


Eli Wallace and Sgt. Hunter Riley prepares to have a Kino race across a corridor. Riley is having trouble navigating his, not knowing how to turn the Kino around to start. As Eli is about to help him, Riley figures out what is wrong, and faces the Kino the right direction. After they are ready, the two start racing their Kino's down the corridor. Eli seems to be winning. However, on the way, Eli's Kino almost runs into Camile Wray, who happens to walk in Eli and Riley's direction. Eli stops his Kino and apologizes to a startled Wray, while Riley continues.


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