The Kinahhi are a race of Humans who inhabit a planet that had formerly belonged to Ba'al, also named Kinahhi.


The Kinahhi possessed advanced anti-gravity shield, but also existed in a very "Big Brother"-style civilization, using a device known as the sheh-fet to read the minds of their people and detect any potentially dangerous thoughts before they could become a problem; in other words, people were locked up because they might rebel. When the planet was first discovered, Senator Robert Kinsey attempted to arrange an alliance with them for the sheh-fet technology, despite the fact that Colonel Jack O'Neill recognized the potential value of the anti-gravity technology as a more valuable long-term resource, particularly for rescuing the long-lost SG-10 who had been trapped on P3W-451 as it was drawn into a black hole. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")

Attempting to get SG-1 out of the way, recognizing the potential threat they posed to the Kinahhi's attempt to gain control of Stargate Command, a councilor claiming to disagree with his government's actions provided Jack O'Neill with plans for the anti-gravity device, simultaneously sabotaging the plans so that they would fail at a crucial moment and prevent SG-1 from escaping the black hole. Although the plan failed in essence as Samantha Carter was able to repair the ship and depart the planet with three-quarters of SG-10, during the brief time that the field was disabled four months passed for the outside universe while the two SG teams experienced only a few minutes.

During this time, with Senator Kinsey's permission, the Kinahhi established a makeshift sheh-fet using Earth prisoners on Level 17 of the SGC, but Kinsey was left unaware that, via the sheh-fet, this gave the Kinahhi essential control over the entire SGC. Despite this false "alliance", Kinsey still conceded to the Kinahhi's demands in the belief that he remained in charge, allowing them to imprison the returned O'Neill and Carter in the sheh-fet on their planet, only for the efforts to be thwarted when Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and SG-10 broke into the SGC with General Hammond's help to travel to Kinahhi and rescue their teammates.

The Kinahhi were particularly at odds with a group of dissidents known as the Arxanti, who apparently possessed ties to the Ancients, many of them even appeared to possess the Ancient Technology Activation gene. The Arxanti were saved when Daniel Jackson was connected to the sheh-fet, his unique insight into the Ancients proving that the Arxanti were no threat to the Kinahhi, with Jack O'Neill subsequently shutting the sheh-fet down for good thanks to his Ancient gene. With the former prisoners of the sheh-fet now free, and with Daniel's knowledge of their former enemy available to guide them in creating a new society, though a civil war seemed likely first, the Earth teams departed. Kinsey, however, managed to escape responsibility by claiming that he'd had no idea about the Kinahhi's true goals. (SG1: "The Cost of Honor")