Kieran was a Kelownan scientist, and head of the Naquadria project to turn the mineral into a powerful destructive weapon. He was also a mentor to Jonas Quinn, whom he recruited into the Naquadria project in 1996.



When the Kelownans learned of the military alliance between the Tiranians and the Andari Federation in 2002, Kieran traveled to Earth with Ambassador Dreylock and Commander Hale in the hopes of obtaining the Tau'ri's more advanced military technology to aid in their conflict with Kelowna's two rival nations.

After initial negotiations with Earth for help in defusing the crisis, Kieran privately confessed to his old student, Jonas Quinn, that he feared the destructive power of his Naquadria bomb and realized that a permanent peace between the three nations of his world was the only chance to avert disaster. Kieran proposed to introduce SG-1 to the Kelownan resistance, a secret anti-government resistance group bent on taking control of the Kelownan government and forcing the other nations back to the negotiating table. The team reluctantly agreed.

However, when Dr. Kieran fell from a building on Langara and was returned to Earth for medical treatment, it was discovered that he had developed schizophrenia due to his exposure to the radioactive Naquadria, as it turned out to not have been adequately shielded, which caused him to hallucinate being chased. Also, it appeared that the entire Kelownan resistance was a fabrication within his mind and he brought all the Naquadria to their "headquarters" for nothing except for the SGC to experiment with. Kieran was subsequently placed in intensive care at Stargate Command. It is unknown if Kieran was eventually returned to his planet or not. (SG1: "Shadow Play")

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