Khonsu's Ha'tak was a Ha'tak in Anubis' fleet and was commanded by his Underlord Khonsu, who was actually a Tok'ra, and was based on his homeworld.


This Ha'tak vessel looks like all other known Ha'taks. It differs only in terms of technology, specifically weapons and shields which were suspected to be upgraded using the limited Ancient technology to which Anubis has access to, thanks to his half-ascended nature.


In 2002, Anubis' Underlord Khonsu sent this Ha'tak under the command of his First Prime Her'ak to P5X-112 in order to capture SG-1, who allowed themself to be capture and brought to Khonsu's World as part of a ploy so the Tok'ra Khonsu could give them information about Anubis' source of technology. Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs ringed aboard the ship and tried to rescue SG-1 and were hidden away by Rebel Jaffa. (SG1: "The Other Guys")

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