"He…thinks too much, which makes him indecisive. He's trying to figure out what I want instead of trusting his instincts."
Colonel Jack O'Neill[src]

Lieutenant Kevin Elliot was a member of the United States Air Force who was recruited for Stargate Command in 2002.


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He was transferred to SG-17 after successfully proving his worth in an elaborate test for SGC recruits. He led the training exercise alongside Lt. Jennifer Hailey, Lt. Carl Grogan, and Lt. Satterfield. It was later revealed that Elliot had graduated at the top of his class while in the Academy. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

Unfortunately, his first day of off-world duty which occurred during March 2002 tragically proved to be Elliot's last as all the members of SG-17 except for Elliot were killed in an attack on the underground Tok'ra base by the Goa'uld. Elliot was saved only because of the emergency implantation of the Tok'ra symbiote Lantash. Lantash and Elliot gave their lives to save the rest of the team when they realized that Lantash did not have enough strength to repair Elliot's injuries and save them as well. Elliot/Lantash were given a vial of symbiote poison, one that was powerful enough to eliminate the entire occupying force, and, presumably, used it on them to give SG-1 and Jacob Carter enough time to escape the planet. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand")


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